Melita offre la fibra ai clienti Enel Energia

Enjoy a bonus of up to €120 when subscribing to Enel Energia's "Speciale Luce 60" and "Speciale Gas 60" and requesting Melita's Fibre service.


Characteristics of the fiber service offered by Melita

  • A FTTH fibre connection, with a fibre-optic cable installed in your home;
  • Connection speeds of up to 1 Gigabit/s for downloads and 300 Mbit/s for uploads;
  • A Plume SuperPod modem on free loan with exclusive Plume technology;
  • A monthly fee of 27 euros (VAT included).

Find out whether the Melita fibre has reached your home

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You’re Connected!

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Now that we reached you, login to your private area to apply for the FIBRA MELITA PER I CLIENTI ENEL ENERGIA.

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We are currently working to bring fibre to your area. Follow us to find out more

Up to €120 bonus to your bill

If you choose Enel Energia for both electricity and gas and request Melita Fibre, you can receive a bonus of up to €120. Enel Energia will add a €10 bonus to your bill for 12 months, granted from the second to the thirteenth month of supply, if you adhere to both Enel Energia's "Speciale 60" offers under Free Market conditions.

Melita fiber for € 27 per month

If you are already an Enel Energia power and/or gas customer for the Free Market, for only € 27/month (including VAT) you can navigate with the ultrafast Melita fiber up to 1 Gigabit/s.
Modems and activation costs are included in the monthly fee.

* Conditions for adhering to Melita’s offer (offer subject to limitations and conditions available on Those who sign a home electricity and/or gas offer with Enel Energia under the financial and contractual conditions of the Free Market and residential customers who already have a home electricity/gas contract with Enel Energia under the financial and contractual terms of the Free Market can subscribe a contract with Melita under the MELITA FIBRE offer. Customers may adhere to Melita's offer by allowing Enel Energia to transfer their data to Melita to subscribe Melita’s fibre contract but only after verifying that Melita’s home internet connection with fibre (so-called FFTH) is available at the supply address. Melita's offer includes Melita's internet access service with FTTH technology, with browsing speeds of up to 1 Gigabit/s in download and up to 300 Mbit/s in upload, free activation, SuperPod Plume modem on free loan for a monthly fee of €27 (VAT included).