Melita offre la fibra ai clienti Enel Energia

Enjoy a bonus of up to €120 when subscribing to Enel Energia's "Speciale Luce 60" and "Speciale Gas 60" and requesting Melita Fibre service.

Melita's fiber is available at your address!

Your address is covered.

Now choose the Enel Energia's power/gas offer you wish to combine with Melita's fibre

Select an electricity/gas offer under Free Market financial and contractual conditions and request MELITA'S FIBRE service at the same time. The activation of Melita’s fibre service will occur after the technical checks for the activation of your new Enel Energia supply.

 If you already have an Enel Energia supply at the address entered, you can access the MyEnel Customer Area and combine the Melita fibre service with the electricity or gas supply.


Power and gas

Energy to connect

If you choose Enel Energia and would like to request Melita’s Fibre Service, bear in mind that “Speciale 60” offers give you a €60 bonus for each electricity or gas supply with Enel Energia. Enel Energia will grant you a €5 bonus for 12 months, from the second to the thirteenth month of supply. Do you want to choose another electricity or gas offer from Enel Energia? ** Click below!

  • Speciale Luce 60

    The Power offer that comes with a €60 bonus!

    al kilowattora

    Bonus 60€ suddiviso in rate da 5€ mese per 12 mesi

    *price in kWh, everyday and every hour
    The price is referring only to the energy component and is locked for 12 months (excluding VAT and taxes)

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**The “MELITA FIBRE” offer is not available for supplies:
- activated in the area of last resort services whether for gas (Fui and Default) and electricity (Safeguard); 
- aventi under economic and/or contractual conditions regulated by ARERA. In particular: Gas protection (Del.  229/2001) Similar Protection (Del. 369/2016) and PLACET Offers (Del. 555/2017); 
- subject to blocking of billing for urgent regulatory measures during exceptional events (e.g. earthquake);
- activated following the restorative procedure.