The Manifesto

The Futur-e project is based on the definition of a Manifesto that explains and represents Enel’s energy vision for the country.

Our lives and activities are moving towards an increasingly interconnected system where ideas matter, and the sources and uses of the energy that shapes them can make a difference. 

New energy production methods and consumption patterns are causing a shift in the energy paradigm that is seeing electricity become the enegine of a more efficient, flexible and cleaner system that connects people, things and ideas.

Enel is investing its resources, skills and expertise in this revolution, contributing to the transformation of the energy market and boosting the economy. 

Its model is based on flexible, diffused integrated technology that enables more efficient energy distribution through smart systems and grids, and an energy infrastructure built upon the principles of innovation and environmental sustainability in order to give the world a new burst of energy.

Enel is looking towards the future of an inter-connected world for people, places and businesses with the intention of seizing every opportunity for development, in order to continue - and indeed extend - its leadership in the transformation of the global energy sector.