White Certificates


What are white certificates?

White certificates are recognised by the Energy Markets Operator (EMO) for the reduction of primary energy consumption, obtained through interventions to improve efficiency in manufacturing companies, service providers and the tertiary sector.

The Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) are recognised for 5 years, with the exception of interventions on building envelopes, which are valid for eight years, and CAR cogeneration, which are valid for 10 years.

The economic contribution from TEEs can significantly reduce the payback period of an investment in energy efficiency. This mechanism is indicated in the National Energy Strategy as the main tool for stimulating innovation in energy efficiency.



Enel offers technical and management activities on issues related to Energy Efficiency (EE). It conducts preliminary and feasibility studies aimed at the design and implementation of energy efficiency measures in the industrial or public sector, also based on its own investment.

Enel provides support to companies that carry out energy efficiency measures at their sites in order to obtain White Certificates, as determined by the Ministerial Decrees of 20 July 2004. Enel supports its customers in the bureaucratic procedures necessary for achieving thee TEE, without any burden on its customers. Only once the TEE has been obtained does Enel receive a share.

Supporting activities:

  • Bankability assistance 

  • Technical support to promote the implementation of large-scale efficiency measures
  • Technical support
  • Consulting for reporting: Project Ownership, Major Projects, PPPM (Project Proposals and Measurement Program)
  • Purchase and take-back guarantee 
  • Guaranteed minimum price; cash advance; multi-year in line with the market


Main interested areas:
  • Industry
  • Tertiary
  • Food Industry
  • Hotel & Hospitality 


The benefits of White Certificates

Guarantee and Professionalism

The company was already recognised as a Company for Energy Services (so-called E.S.Co.) in 2005. In 2013, Enel obtained UNI EN 11352:2014 recognition. Enel operates through qualified EGE (Expert Energy Management) and is SOA Certified.

Experience and knowledge of the market

Active throughout the national territory, Enel has got a portfolio of clients in various sectors: civil, industrial and service sectors. The numbers and importance of the many projects carried out since 2005 in support of major and national companies attest to its leadership in the Italian EE market, and Enel is widely acclaimed and recognised in the industry. Enel has obtained excellent results in projects developed for steel mills, foundries, engineering companies and food and agricultural production companies.

Opportunities for the abatement intervention costs for the requalification of equipment and buildings

EE interventions are often carried out on systems that use in electricity, heat and refrigeration in their production cycles and need to improve the thermal insulation of casings, reducing leakage and losses.

Immediate cost savings for the purchase of primary energy sources

Companies that operate while respecting the environment and in order to achieve the objectives set by the Kyoto Protocol gain in image and visibility.