Power factor correction banks

What are power factor correction banks?

Power factor correction banks enable a decrease in energy loss, maintaining a system's power factor within values ​​that avoid any energy penalties.

Enel Energia has always chosen the best technologies on the market in the field of energy efficiency, providing customers fixed, automatic and dynamic power factor banks from 2.5 kVAr to 1600 kVAr that feature high manufacturing quality and reliability.


The benefits of power factor correction banks

Reduce energy and apparent power losses by decreasing or eliminating penalties for reactive power absorption

Uses high quality products with long life expectancy and state-of-the-art technological solutions

Make a safe investment that includes the possibility for rapid returns, saving on penalties for reactive energy.


All the details

Main interested areas

  • Industry
  • Commercial buildings


Technical features

The power factor corrector range of Enel Energia is characterised by:

  • different reactors - 0%, 7%, 12.5% - permit their insertion in electrical networks, even those that are very disturbed with high harmonic distortion content;
  • IP30 or IP54 enclosures adaptable to different environments;
  • disconnection device that allows for the self-exclusion of inner parts at the end of their lifetime;
  • intelligent control unit with cyclic component operation to improve performance;
  • metallic film with polypropylene dielectric that regenerates the surface and allows for a longer lifetime.



High efficiency standards - The range of power factor correctors is characterised by high efficiency standards, guaranteed by low dissipation losses. The improvement of the power factor intrinsically causes the reduction of line losses.

Long-lived - The specific properties of the dielectric layer used in capacitors guarantees a long lifetime expectancy. The metallic layer it is composed of, in fact, can locally evaporate and repair a fault, isolating it and thus ensuring the continuity of the power factor corrector's operation, resulting in capacity constancy over time.

Maximum reliability and easy maintenance - The elements of the range's construction features allow for easy maintenance, ensuring maximum reliability. The selective disconnection device of the internal modules allows for single module replacement, ensuring overall operation.

Respect for the environment - The dielectric is a dry type, and does not involve any risk of losses or pollution to the environment.