Energy Audit

What is the EMS ISO 50001 Implementation service and energy audits?

An energy audit is a periodic assessment of the efficiency of an organisation's energy saving management system. The parameters are defined per regulatory requirements. The company is subject to mandatory energy audits by the 5th of December of year n, starting in 2015, and these should be carried out every four years.

The categories in which this is mandatory (Legislative Decree 102/2014) are high energy-consumption and large companies. Alternatively, companies can choose to adopt a Voluntary Energy Management System compliant with ISO 50001, which allows them to develop and implement policies and procedures that take energy consumption  into account.


The benefits

Identify the main areas of inefficiency and those for improvement thanks to new consumption awareness.

Reduce energy costs through the systematic management of energy, thus improving company image and relationships with stakeholders.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimising performance in compliance with legal limits.


All details

Main interested areas:

  • Data Centre  
  • IT applications
  • Tertiary
  • Industry



  • Consumption diagnosis
  • Analysis of energy requirements
  • Energy balance
  • Immediate start-up
  • Creation of consumption indicators
  • Identify solutions for conducting and managing building-plant systems for all end-use of energy, water, etc.