Fotovoltaico Informa

What is Fotovoltaico Informa? 

Enel offers a low-cost consulting service to companies with photovoltaic systems which provides management on the customer's behalf of all the bureaucratic, administrative and economic assessment activities of the photovoltaic system.
The service is offered to help companies maximise their investment and ensure that their system is in compliance with all the regulations in force. The service is also able to adapt to any type of system chosen.


What are the main features of the service?

Through the Fotovoltaico InForma Service, Enel accompanies the Customer in:

  • verifying that the GSE (Electric Services Operator) has correctly paid incentives and monitoring advance payments and adjustments;
  • managing the procedures and relative deadlines to meet with the l’Agenzia delle Dogane, the GSE and ARERA;
  • verifying the correct production/progress of the system according to the solar irradiation of the competent municipality;
  • supervision and possible assistance with maintenance activities;
  • comparison of the system's performance compared to the previsional Business Plan.

The service is articulated in 4 levels to be chosen based on the type of power and how the photovoltaic system is used (on-site exchange or self-consumption).
The Customer will have free access to a dedicated Web platform to ensure the archiving and clear, quick and transparent consultation of all the documents produced.


What are the advantages? 

The Fotovoltaico InForma Service:

  • simplifies the management of all the documentation to be produced and/or communicated to the competent bodies;
  • makes the execution of all procedures and bureaucratic/administrative defaults more agile;
  • allows for clear system monitoring, through timely periodic analyses;
  • guarantees the system's regular compliance with the regulations in force;
  • anticipates any opportunities to optimise the systems' use.


What are the main areas it applies to?

The Service is aimed at all companies that own photovoltaic systems, typically with power exceeding 20 kWp, belonging to the following business sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Services