LED lighting

What is LED lighting?

LED lighting consists of the use of diodes in semiconductor material, traversed by electrical energy.
It is one of the most interesting areas of energy requalification and saves up to 75% in terms of lighting: the spread of obsolete systems and the availability of low-performing lighting and equipment make it one of the main areas for improving efficiency.

Enel Energia has always chosen the best technologies on the market in the field of energy efficiency, providing LED lighting that offers the highest quality and durability.


The benefits of LED lighting

Reduce energy consumption for lighting from 50% to 75% by decreasing installed power and online losses

Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to replace bulbs

Adjust the lighting according to your real needs, while reducing environmental impact


All the details

Main interested areas:

  • Tertiary
  • Logistics
  • Industry


Technical features
Enel Energia's LED lighting is characterized by:

  • Over 80,000 hour Lifecycle
  • High energy efficiency (> 100 lm/W)
  • High quality light (CRI> 80)
  • Immediate start-up
  • Possibility of fine-tuning the lighting according to real needs thanks to their electronics, resulting in further energy savings
  • Zero UV and IR Ray emissions
  • Absence of polluting substances (Lead, Mercury, etc.) and easier to recycle