Light Automation Kits

What are the Light Automation Kits?

The Light Automation Kits enable the creation of automation applications for lighting systems, aimed at improving energy performance.

Enel Energia has always chosen the best technologies on the market in the field of energy efficiency, providing customers a range of Automation Kits - Kit 100, Kit 200, Kit 400, Kit Flexy - characterised by advanced and customisable technology that offer energy savings by rationalising its use.


The benefits of the Light Automation Kits

Reduce energy waste by improving your systems' performance

Manage your systems simply and improve your comfort

Personalize your kit by connecting it to already-present automation systems.


All the details

Main interested areas

  • Tertiary
  • Building


Technical features

The range of Light Automation Kits offered by Enel Energia is based on SmartStruxure Lite components.

They use wireless technology with simplified installation and don't require any wiring work in installation. The communication protocols used, EnOcean and ZigBee, allow for maximum system compatibility and expandability.

The 100, 200 and 400 Kits are pre-configured and are easy to install and configure. The Kit Flexy can be customised to meet customer needs and can be interfaced with any existing automation systems.



Reduce energy waste - With the Light Automation Kits, lighting systems are used only when they are actually needed, resulting in substantial savings in energy costs.

Simple installation and use - No cabling work is required with installation, and the ease of programming through the Building Expert software ensures the kits simple installation and use.

Maximum compatibility with wireless systems - The use of EnOcean and Zigbeeb protocols ensure maximum compatibility with wireless systems.