Submetering kits

What are Submetering kits?

Submetering kits are advanced systems that allow individual lines to be monitored (such as lighting, air conditioning, etc.) in order to identify key areas to implement energy efficiency improvement interventions.

Enel Energia has always chosen the best technologies on the market in the field of energy efficiency, offering monitoring systems that are characterised for their high quality and performance over time.

Choosing from the range available -  Kit Facile, Kit Pro, Kit Plus, Kit Flexy - you'll be able to choose the kit that best meets your company's needs.


Submetering kits benefits

Keep track of energy consumption by analysing your systems' performance

Identify areas that need improved energy efficiency thanks to a new awareness of their consumption

Benchmark different supply sites, analyzing the costs and benefits of efficiency-improving interventions

Protect your data with individual access and passwords to web pages.


All the details

Main interested areas:
Mostly companies that need to identify the which processes are most costly in terms of energy, divided by individual monitored load.

Kit Contents
The Submetering kits consist of one or more measuring instruments (multimeters) to be installed at the various sites, and devices (gateways) that receive and store in their memory the measurements provided by the connected instruments. Once received, the data are ready for processing and are displayed as web pages or on any private energy management platform.

Specifically, there are four different kits provided by Enel Energia:

Kit Facile - Pre-assembled system, designed for easy and immediate installation, and allows monitoring of a specific line, even locally via the display;

Kit Pro - consists of a gateway and two multimeters, and allows monitoring of two lines;

Kit Plus - consists of two multimeters and is an expansion of Kit Pro and Kit Facile. It can be added modularly according to customer needs;

Kit Flexy - adapts to customer needs through the available gateways and multimeters, which can be wireless or with a direct connection.

Technical features
The Submetering Kits all feature:

  • automatic device detection for easy and immediate configuration;
  • ability to automatically send the logged data by email or FTP directly to a PC for further analysis;
  • logging interval and electrical quantities selection;
  • data protection through passwords and individual access to web pages, recording of past alarms through security measures that are customisable thanks to different access levels (read-only or full access) with Modbus TCP/IP Filtering;
  • IP30, DIN-rail mounting;
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Jbus and PowerLogic protocol support.