ACLed System

What is the ACLed System?

ACLed is a patented lighting system that integrates LED technology with nanotechnology. This system is an innovative solution in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to its technical peculiarities, the prolonged use of ACLed provides a double advantage:

  • energy savings of up to 75% compared to traditional lighting systems;
  • significant improvement in air quality through the elimination of viruses, bacteria and pollutants present in limited environments.

By applying nanomaterials, the LED lighting solution (designed to obtain the highest emission of lux on the surface treated) triggers a photocatalysis process capable of eliminating more than 90% of the pollutants present in the environment. The purification process is activated when the appliance is switched on. 
All the products used for the photocatalytic applications of the ACLed line have been specifically designed in order to obtain the best performance.


What are the advantages? 

There are many advantages for those who choose ACLed. 
The ACLed  offer can include only the supply of the appliances, or it can also include installation. Thanks to our highly specialised staff, we can create a lighting design for interiors. The cost of the appliance is comparable to a normal LED ceiling light.

Energy efficiency and sustainability
ACLed makes it possible to reduce energy consumption from 40% to 75% compared to traditional lighting systems.

Fast and effective
 The system immediately performs its action; after 120 minutes of use it has eliminated more than 90% of viruses, bacteria and other toxic organic substances in the environment.

Thanks to the long life of LED 's technology, important savings can also be had compared to the replacement and maintenance costs of traditional systems. Furthermore, the photocatalytic reaction does not wear down the photocatalyst, so there is no need to replace it.

Healthy environments and well-being

  • Elimination of many types of viruses and bacteria;
  • elimination of odours caused by bacteria or molecules dissolved in the air which come from everyday activities and the presence of people;
  • elimination of organic substances dissolved in the air (VOCs);
  • the treatment of the air through the photocatalysis generated by ACLed happens without any substances being released into the environment, making it possible to achieve purification goals with the utmost safety for people, especially those with allergies.


What are the main areas it applies to? 

Thanks to its antibacterial properties,  ACLed can be applied in the following limited environments where lighting systems must be used for prolonged amounts of time:

  • schools/nurseries;
  • training institutions;
  • swimming pools/gyms and sports facilities;
  • offices, waiting rooms/open spaces/halls;
  • railway stations, airports;
  • residences for the elderly;
  • hospitals, clinics and private offices.


What are its technical characteristics?

  • Life cycle of 50,000 hours;
  • instant activation of the photocatalysis process when the appliance is switched on;
  • zero emission of UV and IR rays;
  • absence of polluting substances;
  • patented and tested technology.