What are single-phase and three-phase UPS?

Single-phase and three-phase UPS systems are uninterruptible power supplies that are ideal for the protection of non-interruptible loads such as servers, voice and data networks, and equipment for medical laboratories and industrial applications.

Enel Energia has always chosen the best technologies on the market in the field of energy efficiency, offering customers a range of APC 1 -500 kVA Single-phase and Three-phase UPS systems, which stand out for their high reliability and efficient power supply.



Maintain your systems' quality and energy supply, even in power failures.
Save about 10% compared to traditional UPSs thanks to high efficiency standards.
Easily monitor and manage your systems remotely.


Interested areas

Data Center
IT applications


Technical features

Single-phase UPS

  • adjust output voltage and frequency with extreme precision thanks to evolved control electronics;
  • online double conversion topology;
  • internal automatic and manual bypass;
    correction of the input power factor.

Three-phase UPS

  •  double the mains input;
  • automatic internal bypass;
  • power electronics in a single module;
  • possibility of parallel operation.