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Discounts with Airlite: True or False?

Solar systems produce energy even in the absence of direct sunlight.

TRUE: Even on a cloudy day, the light is captured and can be used, albeit to a lesser extent.

For a household under a 3kW electricity supply contract, a 3 kWp solar system (peak kilowatt) should be installed.

FALSE: There is no direct relationship between the generation capacity of the installation and that of the energy supply contract. Rather, the system must be sized on the basis of the annual energy consumption and on the space available for installing the solar panels.

When constructing a photovoltaic system, connection to the electricity grid is worthwhile.

TRUE: Although isolated photovoltaic systems are technically feasible, it is always worthwhile to remain connected to electricity grid when present. Off-grid installations are very expensive; moreover, they cannot benefit from on-site Net Metering.

A photovoltaic system guarantees an energy reserve in the event of a blackout.

FALSE: Only installations with an Energy Storage system and backup function can ensure an energy reserve to temporarily power certain household priority loads (normally lighting).
 Existing domestic electrical plant must be modified in order to install an Energy Storage system.

Photovoltaic modules must be regularly cleaned.

TRUE: Except in particular cases of areas with high rainfall and absence of vegetation, solid matter tends to build up on solar panel surfaces. Over time, this reduces their ability to absorb solar radiation.
 Cleaning every 12-24 months restores the plant's solar radiation capture efficiency and, therefore, improves energy generation capacity.

The energy required for the production of photovoltaic cells and panels exceeds that produced during their lifetime, thus undermining the environmental justification for this technology.

FALSE: At present, the first 3-4 years of operation are sufficient to recover the energy consumed in the production of crystalline silicon solar panels. The trend over the next few years will see further reductions in the amount of required energy, thanks to research focused on new technologies with lower energy input.


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