A discount of €0.03/Litre on fuel and LPG!


A €0.03 discount on every litre of fuel. You can receive a €0.03 discount together with the benefits provided by the Box Più Programme *. To obtain the discount, you simply need to fill your tank with at least €30 of petrol or €15 of LPG. To avail of it, you just have to link your EnelMia card to a TotalErg Più card.

* For every litre of fuel you accumulate: a €0.02 discount, 2 points and 2 ERG Mobile telephone credits. Visit www.totalerg.it for Box Più regulations, conditions for accumulation and use of the discounts, ERG Mobile deal and participating TotalErg Service Stations.

The discount will only be applied if you possess a permanent EnelMia card.


Who can have the discount?


To be eligible for the TotalErg Più fuel discount you need to:

  • be an EnelMia cardholder.
  • register with the Total Erg Box Più Programme and be a TotalErg Più or Erg Più cardholder. You can sign up for your own card at participating distributors.
  • link your EnelMia and TotalErg Più or Erg Più cards.


How do I link the EnelMia and TotalErg cards?


To link your EnelMia card with the TotalErg Più card, enter the EnelMia section of the Customers' Area (if you are not yet registered, fill out the form), or link the two cards here. Within a few days, you will receive a text message or an email confirming that the two cards are linked. Only one EnelMia card code can be linked to the code of each TotalErg card. Once you receive notification of the activation, you can avail of the discount until 30/04/2018.

You can also link the two cards by calling our toll-free number 800 900 860 (and pressing 4), or by going to a TotalErg distributor participating in the Box Più Programme with your EnelMia card and your National Health card. If you have already linked the cards, continue to enjoy the benefits! Now you can use your EnelMia card directly at TotalErg service stations.


Where you can obtain the discount


To obtain the discount you can show one of your linked cards (EnelMia of TotalErg Più) when you pay. The discount will be applied in real time. You can show your linked EnelMia card to instantly receive the discount. The special discount for EnelMia customers is available from at all participating TotalErg distributors. Find the TotalErg distributor nearest to you.


Terms and conditions 


If the discount is not automatically applied in the receipt due to disruptions, failures or shut-down of online and computerised systems, TotalErg will apply the bonus by other means upon proof of purchase of fuel or LPG. For communications regarding failure to provide the discount, contact the TotalErg toll-free number 800-98-78-87 Neither Enel Energia nor TotalErg are responsible for delay or non-fulfilment where the delay or failure to provide the discount is due to events and/or causes of force majeure (such as strikes, other forms of industrial action, natural disasters or fires). The discount at the TotalErg sales points is applied to purchases of fuel and LPG.

The code of each TotalErg Più card can only be linked to one EnelMia card code. Within a few days from application, Enel Energia will inform the customer of the activation of the agreement by SMS to the mobile number and/or email to the address provided by the customer when signing up to participate in the offer. The customer can enjoy the exclusive arrangement from the notice of activation until 30/04/2018. Conditions for the accumulation and use of discounts, TotalErg Più Regulations and participating service stations can be found on www.totalerg.it The new linking procedure will apply from 22 September 2014. The EnelMia/TotalErg special offer is valid until 30/04/2018. The discount will only be applied if you possess a permanent EnelMia card. 


How to buy EnelMia


Are you already an Enel Energia customer?

If you are already registered with Enel Energia you can obtain it more quickly in the Customers' Area or, if you prefer, you can:

  • call our toll-free number 800 900 860 (and press 4 when instructed)
  • go to one of Negozi Enel.


Not yet a customer?

Enelmia is available when you activate an Enel Energia electricity or gas supply.