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Fixed price for 1 year

A fixed price deal for your company: with Anno Sicuro Gas you're protected from market fluctuations. The price is referring only to the gas raw material (excluding VAT and taxes). After 12 months, Enel Energia could update the price based on the market trend and will give a written communication at least 90 days before the due date. It's preserved the right to withdraw from the contract at any time and free of charge.

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    Fixed price for 12 months


    GiustaPerTe Impresa Gas

    The offer with the 100% discount on the gas raw material on the 1st month of supply

    allo standard metro cubo

    Sconto del 100% sulla Componente Materia Prima Gas sul primo mese di fornitura

  • Web

    The best price with the advantages of the web


    E-Light Gas Impresa

    A web-only offer with 100% discount on the raw material component for the first month

    allo standard metro cubo

    100% discount on the Gas Raw Material component for the first month of supply