Soluzione Gas Impresa -15%

For your business the gas offer with 15% discount on the gas raw material component for a year

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15% discounted

For your company the price of the gas raw material is discounted of 15% for one year. After the first 12 months, Enel Energia will update the price based on market conditions and inform you of the new price before the end of the period. You then have 30 days to decide whether to accept it or to cancel the contract


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  • Gas

    Anno Sicuro Gas Impresa

    One Gas price for the whole year


    *price in smc

    The price refers only to the gas raw material and is locked for one year (excluding VAT and taxes)

  • Gas

    Gas Prezzo Agile

    The energy in step with the market


    *price in smc

    The price is referring only to the P0 component. For more information see the Technical and Economical Conditions