GiustaPerTe Impresa Bioraria

The right deal for those who work on evenings and weekends

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Dual rate bands

It's the ideal deal for those who are out of the house during the day: two price bands for businesses that use energy particularly on night and during weekends. The prices refer only to the electricity component (excluding VAT and taxes)

100% discount for the 1st month

You have a 100% discount on the energy component for the first month. After the first 12 months, Enel Energia will update it based on market conditions and inform you of the new price before the end of the period. The offer is valid until 21/10/2018


Energy for your company

Discover the power solution for your company

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    GiustaPerTe Impresa

    The right deal for those who work all day long


    100% discount on the price of the energy component for the first month of supply

    *price for kWh, all days and always

    Price is referring only to the energy component and is locked for one year (excluding VAT and taxes). 

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