The price refers only to the energy component, including network losses (excluding VAT and taxes). You will also have to pay the Pfix component which, for the first 12 months of supply, will be equal to 144 €/POD/year (excluding VAT and taxes), to be paid on a monthly basis.


What is Enel Energia PLACET Fissa Luce Business

Enel Energia PLACET Fissa Luce Business (PLACET is for Liberalised Rate at Equivalent Protection Conditions) is offered for the supply of electricity with a price structure and contractual conditions defined by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (hereinafter ARERA), and introduced by the same with resolution 555/2017/R/com as amended. In compliance with the price structure established by the Authority, rates are determined by the Supplier

Who can adhere to the service?

Non-domestic customers holding low-voltage supply points for electricity are eligible for Enel Energia PLACET Fissa Luce Business offer. Excluded: multi-site customers, where at least one supply point does not fall under the cases described above; customers holding supplies for public administrations

Adhering to the offer

You can adhere to the Enel Energia PLACET Fissa Luce Business offer by the date indicated in the Technical and Financial Conditions ("CTE"), through the following channels: for contracts concluded by telephone, adhesion takes place with the customer's consent with the recording of the call; for contracts concluded via the web, adhesion takes place directly on the site, by clicking on the appropriate navigation fields; for contracts concluded via the physical sales channels (Spazio Enel, Spazio Enel Partner, Agencies, Smart Agents), both inside and outside the business premises, adhesion takes place by signing the appropriate Form of Acceptance

Duration and renewal of the supply contract

The electricity supply contract of the Enel Energia PLACET Fissa Luce Business offer is open-ended and the economic conditions last 12 months from the supply activation date. The customer's right to withdraw at any time in compliance with current legislation remains valid. Before the expiry of the economic conditions, with a notice of at least three months and specific communication, Enel Energia shall inform the customer of the new economic conditions to be applied for the following 12 months, without prejudice to right of the latter to withdraw. The price proposed for the renewal of the same offer type (whether fixed or variable) shall be identical to the price provided for the PLACET offer marketed by the supplier at the time the renewal is announced