Scegli Tu Special 3

The flexible offer with the FREE first 3 months of energy component: start again with new energy!

Notti e Festivi
Every night and on holidays the energy component is free
  • 0,0 €/kWh From Monday to Saturday from 11 pm to 7 am, Sunday and national holidays
  • 0,144 €/kWh From Monday to Saturday, from 7 am to 11 pm
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Senza Orari
A single price at any time of day or night
  • 0,079 €/kWh From Monday to Sunday, without time restrictions
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The peace of mind of saving money in the evening, weekends and holidays
  • 0,0924 €/kWh From Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm
  • 0,0724 €/kWh From Monday to Friday from 7pm to 8am. Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
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The energy component is free for the first three months

Start again with new energy: Scegli Tu Special 3 is the simple and flexible offer for your home. Choose the plan that's right for you and take advantage of the 100% discount on the energy component for the first three months! A single offer with three different solutions: find yours and the first three months are free to restart with energy!

The freedom to change plans at no cost

Enel Energia's Scegli Tu Special 3 offer allows you to find the most suitable solution for you. Choose between No Hours, Night and Holidays, and Bioraria and check your consumption. Has your consumption pattern changed? No problem! You can change your rate plan for free up to a maximum of three times a year, in the first ten months following the activation or contract renewal date.

Protect the environment with 100% renewable energy

With Scegli Tu Special 3, you protect the environment and sign a sustainable offer because you only use energy produced from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth. The origin of energy from renewable sources is certified through the GSE system of guarantees of origin.


Warm up your home with Enel Energia

With GiustaPerTe Gas Special 3 you have 100% discount on the price of the gas raw material component for the first 3 months!

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can activate Scegli Tu Special 3?

The activation of the Scegli Tu Special 3 offer is reserved for those who come from another energy provider, those who activate a new meter (first activation) or those who want to activate a deactivated meter (take over).

How do the first three months of the free energy component work?

With Scegli Tu Special 3, the first three months of the energy component are free, regardless of the plan chosen. The energy component of your consumption over the first three months after the supply activation date will enjoy a 100% discount, which will be appear on the bill as per the agreed billing schedule. After the first three months, you will pay the energy as per your chosen plan.

When can I change the rate plan? And how much does it cost?

Changing the rate plan within the Scegli Tu Special 3 offer has no cost. You can change from the date of activation of the supply and for each contract year, up to a maximum of three times over the following ten months. You can request the change from your panel in the personal area, by calling 800.900.860 or by going directly to a Spazio Enel.

How does the online bill work and how do I pay?

With Scegli Tu Special 3, you can help us protect nature by activating the "Bolletta Web" service and deciding, therefore, to receive the invoice in digital format directly in your email box. And if you activate the debit on your bank account, you also avoid queuing at the Post Office.

How is the energy of the Scegli Tu Special 3 offer produced?

The Scegli Tu Special 3 offer uses only electricity certified as coming from 100% renewable sources such as sun, water, wind and heat from the earth. Green energy is certified by the Power Service Board's new "Guarantees of Origin" system, according to the EC Directive 2009/28/EC.

What is this enelpremia WOW! ?

If you become a customer of Enel Energia, you can join the new loyalty programme that surprises you every week with a gift and that allows you to participate in special initiatives to win fantastic prizes and receive discounts on your light and/or gas bill. By participating in special initiatives, those with more than one supply contract can obtain a number of discounts based on the number of contracts they have signed with Enel Energia!