Senza Orari Luce

The single-hour offer designed for uses other than home such as cellar, garage, attic


  • fixed price for 12 months
  • dedicated Customer Service
  • dedicated Customer Area


What are you waiting for?



Single and fixed price for one year

With Senza Orari Luce , energy knows no times: a single price, valid for all hours of the day and night, and fixed for the first 12 months. Energy for your business, without schedules and without worries!

The solution for non-domestic uses

Senza Orari Luce is dedicated to non-domestic customers with power supply for Other Uses - UDA (garages, basements and similar) which provides a fixed price per kWh and valid for the first 12 months of supply.

Customer Service dedicated to your needs

With Senza Orari Luce you have Customer Service with a channel dedicated to you, available every day at the toll-free number 800 900 860 (key 3), from 07.00 to 22.00. Contact us, we will help you!

All in one click

With the dedicated Customer Area you manage your supply, monitor your consumption and have access to all your bills directly online.