What is Tutela Simile

Tutela SIMILE is a new offer that favours the transition to the free market, according to resolution 369/2016/R/eel of the Electricity, Gas and Water Authority (hereafter referenced as ARERA). Both customers and suppliers may freely join this scheme

Who can adhere to the service?

To choose Tutela SIMILE , you must be a domestic customer or a small business served under or entitled to the enhanced protection service. The scheme is limited to cases of transfers from other suppliers, activations of new customers or reactivations of previously disconnected users. For more information, visit the website: . You may subscribe from 1 January 2017 until the Enhanced Protection Service has been terminated and, in any case, no later than 30 June 2018

How to adhere to the service

Customers served under enhanced protection can join by accessing the Central Website managed by the Single Buyer. Customers who access the Central Website can obtain a reservation code with which they may access the web page prepared by the authorised provider during the following 15 days. Customers entitled to enhanced protection, limited to cases of transfers or activations of new or previously disconnected users, may adhere to the contract in compliance with the normal procedures envisaged by the regulations as indicated in the dedicated information section on the Central Website available through the aforementioned address: In this specific case, contracts with Enel Energia are underwritten via the web channel

The Electricity supply contract

The Tutela SIMILE contract has a duration of 12 months, starting from the date of activation and is neither renewable nor extendable. The Tutela SIMILE contract may be underwritten only once by the Customer with the Supplier or with any other supplier authorised to operate within the Tutela SIMILE framework, except in the case where the Supplier loses its admission credentials. At the expiry of the contract, customers may choose whether to stay with the same supplier by adhering to new free market offers or they can enter into a free market contracts with different suppliers. In case of failure to define a new contract, the final customer will remain with the supplier admitted to Tutela SIMILE and free market contractual and economic conditions will be applied on the basis of a standard structure established by the Authority. The final customer retains the faculty to request to return to the Enhanced Protection Service