Iso 9001 certification

A service of excellence for customers who are always satisfied

The Enel Energia commitment 

Enel Energia confirms its objectives in the path of continuous improvement of customer service: meeting customer’s expectations and earning their confidence, anticipating solutions to their problems and creating a culture based on efficiency, listening, teamwork, innovation, passion and empathy.

The adoption, promotion and improvement of a quality management system continues to be one of Enel's strategic objectives.
Maintaining a certified quality system means:


  • offering a service that conforms to a standard of excellence
  • ensuring the resources to provide it effectively and efficiently
  • measuring results to coordinate actions for improvement

In line with the results achieved up to now, in November 2016 Enel Energia got top marks, the renewal of and, for the first time, the extension of its ISO 9001:2008 Certification for customers' service quality to its sales processes as well. The outcome was positive and not a single "non-compliance" was detected.  

The certification covers:

  • the management of customer relations through the Contact Centre (toll-free number 800 900 860) and Spazio Enel channels throughout Italy
  • the Enel Energia website as a channel of contact

Enel Energia's Iso 9001 certificate.