What changes in the bill with the variation of electricity and gas prices?

Changes in electricity and gas prices for the first quarter of 2019

As indicated in the press release of the Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti ed Ambiente (ARERA - being the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and the Environment) dated 27th December 2018, for customers under the protection regime, there will be variations with respect to prices in the fourth quarter of 2018.
Specifically, in this first quarter of 2019:

  • for electricity, for the typical family as defined by the Authority (with an average consumption equal to 2,700 kWh annually and a power utilised equalling 3kW), there will be a reduction in the total expenditure of -0.08% compared to the previous quarter;
  • for gas, however, for the typical family as defined by ARERA (average annual consumption of 1,400 smc), there will be an increase in total expenditure of +2.3%.

What are the causes behind the variations in light and gas prices in the first quarter 2019?

For electricity, the change is due to a drop in the coverage component regarding the costs for procuring raw materials (-5.32% on the expense for the type of customer) offset by an increase in the expense for system charges (+5.00%), transportation rates and meter management (+0.24%).

For gas, rather, the change is mainly owing to the increase in procurement costs (+0.8% compared to the standard customer spending in the previous quarter), which is accompanied by an increase in the component regarding the distribution and measurement service (+0.5% due to the updating of the rates at the beginning of 2019) and the system charges (+1%).


Who will be affected by the change in Enel Energia's electricity and gas prices?

Since these are variations regarding both the procurement costs and the costs of electricity and gas distribution, they will not only concern customers in the protected market but also customers in the free market.  


Enel Energia electricity and gas offers

Enel Energia proposes a range of offers for the free market that ensure a fixed rate for the energy component and raw natural gas for 12 months. Below are some of the many Enel Energia electricity and gas offering that you can activate right now:

  • Giusta Per Te. Price of the single energy component for day and night and fixed for 12 months. Furthermore, by activating the offer you will have a 100% discount on the price of the energy component for the first month of supply.
  • E-Light. The digital offer that can be activated, controlled and managed online (also from your smartphone, with the Enel Energia app) and which can be paid via your bank account, without having to queue up at the post office counters. Practical and convenient, E-Light guarantees a fixed price for the energy component for 12 months.
  • Certa Per Te gas. The price of raw natural gas is the same as established by ARERA for contracts under the protection regime (for the quarter of reference) and is fixed for 12 months.
  • E-Light gas. Like the electricity offer, E-Light gas is also activated exclusively online, managed through the personal profile online (including via the app) and guarantees a fixed price for the raw natural gas for 12 months.

Gas and electricity bills will increase in the fourth quarter of 2018

In line with the announcement from the industry authority ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Networks and Environment), gas and electricity bills will rise again in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Since the beginning of 2018, prices for energy commodities have undergone sharp increases, leading to the rise in wholesale prices for electricity and natural gas. As a result, for customers served under the protection scheme, the annual cost increases for a typical family[1] as established by ARERA, are +7.6% for electricity and +6.1% for natural gas. To be specific, the kWh cost is going up by 1.5 euro cents, while the standard cubic metre cost is increasing by 4.78 euro cents compared with the third quarter of 2018.

This rise, due to the increased cost of supplying the raw material, will also affect free market customers.


What has caused the increase?

Among the various reasons leading to an increase in the price of electricity and raw natural gas for customers served under the protection scheme, the following factors can be pinpointed:

  • the sharp increase in energy raw material prices
  • the increase in wholesale prices of gas and electricity
  • the "unprecedented" rise in the cost of carbon dioxide emission permits (CO2, +29% in the last three months compared with the previous quarter)
  • uncertainty due to the total or partial shutdown of 22 out of 58 nuclear reactors in France, a country from which we import a significant proportion of electricity.


How are the increases in gas and electricity costs reflected on the bills?

Based on estimates by ARERA, for the period 1 January - 31 December 2018, the typical family in the protection scheme will have:

  • for electricity: an annual expenditure of 552 euros with a variation of +6.1% (about 32 euros per year)compared with the expenditure recorded in the corresponding 12 months of the previous year
  • for gas, an annual expenditure of 1,096 euros with a variation of +5.9% (61 euros per year) compared with the expenditure recorded in the corresponding 12 months of the previous year.


Who is affected by the increased gas and electricity costs

As previously mentioned, this increase, being linked to the cost of supplying raw materials, affects both customers served in protection schemes and customers in the free market. However, if you are signed up to an offer from Enel Energia, the price of the energy and raw material gas is frozen for 12 months, as indicated in the economic conditions to which you subscribed.  


Why choose Enel Energia

As explained in the previous paragraph, by choosing an electricity and gas offer Enel Energia on the free market, you will not experience the change in the price of energy and raw material gas for a whole year. By signing a contract with Enel Energia, in fact, you will lock in the price of electricity and gas for 12 months, protecting you from fluctuations in the energy raw materials market and price increases decided by ARERA.

Just login to the Enel Energia portal to compare the offers for electricity and natural gas and find the one best suited to your needs.


Enel free market electricity offers

  • GiustaPerTe. With GiustaPerTe you get a 100% discount on energy prices for the first month's supply, and the security of knowing that the energy prices remain locked in all year round, whatever the time of day. After the first 12 months, you can decide whether to stay or switch.
  • E-light bioraria. Only available online, E-light bioraria is the offer with the energy prices locked in for a year, and allows you to save money overnight (from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next morning), at weekends and during holidays. Convenient and straightforward, it's managed online via the control panel in your personal Enel profile. The energy is certified as being produced from renewable resources
  • E-light. One, simple price for energy (single rate) that may change after the first 12 months of the contract: you can choose whether to stay with Enel E-Light or switch. The supply is managed from your personal online profile. Remember that the energy is certified as being produced from renewable resources


Enel free market gas offers

  • Gas 15The offer You get a 15% discount on the price of raw material gas for the first 12 month's supply, and its price remains locked in for one year, after which you can choose whether to stay or switch.
  • E-light gas. It's the Enel offer for domestic gas supply that's only available online. With E-light gas the price of the raw gas material remains locked in for a year (at the end of which you decide whether to stay or switch) and you have the convenience of an online bill.


[1] The typical family has average electricity consumption of 2,700 kWh per year and installed power of 3 kW; gas consumption is 1,400 standard cubic meters per year.

Gas and electricity bills will increase in the third quarter of 2018

Price increases for gas and electricity come into effect as of 1 July 2018, according to the announcement by the Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti e Ambiente – ARERA [Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and the Environment]. The increase concerns customers of both the free market and the protected market, and will affect prices in July, August and September. The increased price of gas and electricity is due to rises in the price of oil, which has gone up by 57% in the last twelve months, and 9% in May alone.

The cost of electricity will go up by 6.5% in the next quarter, as it did in the previous quarter. The price of natural gas will go up by 8.2%, but will have less impact on household budgets due to the lower levels of gas consumption during the summer months. After the increase, the basic price of electricity for a typical household with an annual consumption of 2,700kW and connection capacity of 3kW will be 20.22 euro cents per kW/h, including taxes. Compared to the previous quarter, the cost of electricity has increased by 1.24 euro cents; in the period April - June 2018, the raw material cost was 18.98 euro cents per kW/h.

For a typical household, the annual cost of electricity between 1 October 2017 and 30 September is calculated at 537 euros, an increase of 24 euros (+4.8%) compared to the previous one year period.


Why choose one of Enel Energia's free-market options?

To avoid the quarterly changes planned for the protected market, choose a free market option that freezes the price of electricity for the entire duration of the contract (normally 12 months), and avoid the fluctuations in price for electricity consumption caused by increases in the cost of oil and other non-economic factors. The other components of the price, however, are applied as established and amended by the Authority.

Enel Energia's free market options include E-Light, an online option with Enel Energia’s lowest ever electricity price frozen for one year. With E-Light you'll receive your bill by email, eliminating paper waste.

Alternatively, with the Enel Energia GiustaPerTe option, the price of electricity is reduced by 100% for the first month, and a single price will be charged for both daytime and night time consumption. With the GiustaPerTe option there are no restrictions on the amount of electricity you consume, and as with E-Light you can choose to receive your bill via email.

With Enel Energia's free-market options you can freeze the price you pay for electricity and safeguard against market fluctuations. Enel Energia will inform you of the new price for the following 12 months before your contract expires.