Formidabile Fotovoltaico

3 kW Photovoltaic system from 65 €/month for 120 months, TAN 7.50% and APR 7.77%. And if you add Formidabile Luce you get €100 annual bonus on your bill.

And if you add Enel Energia's Formidabile Luce for you €100 annual bonus on your bill

Discover other solutions for your home at a formidable price

Formidabile Clima

Heat pump air conditioner at an incredible price, with VAT, delivery, standard installation and ENEA practice support included.

Formidabile Caldaia

Energy efficient boiler at a formidable price, with site survey, delivery, standard installation and ENEA practice support included.


The new range of Formidabile offers

Choose Formidabile Trio with Luce, Gas and Fibra from Enel Energia. And you get up to €400 annual bonus on your bill for 2 years. Only until December 31.


Discover the advantages of Formidabile Dual Mobilità

Luce, Waybox and free up to 10,000 km. Choose Formidabile Dual Mobilità until December 31.

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Formidabile Dual Mobilità

The offer with Power, Waybox and free up to 10,000 km

Power offer

Enel X Waybox Start Cellular All inclusive from Enel X Way Italia S.r.l with standard installation included, e.g. the Waybox 4.0 single-phase Socket.

Formidabile Fotovoltaico offer from Enel X Italia and Formidabile Luce offer from Enel Energia. Formidabile Fotovoltaico offer valid until 31/12/2023 subject to verification of installation capacity at the different geographical areas. Included in the price are: design and installation, connection charges, configuration of the monitoring system, assistance with authorization and landscaping practices (excluding charges or secretarial fees that may be required by the authorization offices in charge), verification and testing, cleaning of work areas, disposal of packaging and waste produced with the activity, declaration of conformity, safety charges, disposal of modules. The following options are provided as additional modules: installation on smaller islands, permanent fall protection systems, flat roof structures, kit for three-phase installations, GPRS module. All prices are VAT included. Average life of the installation 25 years. 

AGOS financing available for all qualifying outlets. Up to 120 months - first installment at 60 days - loanable amount from € 500 to € 30,000. Example for Formidabile Fotovoltaico 3kW: € 5,439 (total amount of credit) in 120 installments of € 65 - fixed TAN 7.50% APR 7.77%; total amount due (total amount of credit + total cost of credit) € 7,800. Deferment of the first repayment installment generates interest calculated at the contractual Tan. Advertising message with promotional purposes. For more information ask at the point of sale for the document "Basic European Consumer Credit Information" (SECCI) and a copy of the contract text. Unless approved by Agos Ducato S.p.A. ENEL X acts as a NON-exclusive credit intermediary. 

Helvetia «All Risks» Insurance. For more information on the policy visit the dedicated page on the Enel X store website.

Tax deductions of 50 percent for the implementation of a building rehabilitation work available according to current regulations.(Source: Budget Law and related regulations, Enea, Revenue Agency). More information on the dedicated page on the Enel X website.

Formidabile Luce: energy component €0.26/kwh and CCV €144/year (66% total ARERA-type customer expense) for 12 months.Other expense components as defined by ARERA.VAT and taxes excluded.Economic conditions valid until 20.11.2023. Formidabile Clima offer from Enel X Italia, valid while supplies last. Formidabile Caldaia Offer from Enel X Italy, valid until 31/12/2023 while stocks last.