All Enel, it's Formidabile

Choose Formidabile Trio with Enel Energia's Power, Gas and Fiber. And you get up to €400 annual bonus on your bill for 2 years. Only until 31 December.

If you are not an Enel Energia customer

Choose the offers of the Formidabile range for your power, gas and fiber supply. You can get an annual bonus of up to €400 on your bill. The more offers from the Formidabile product range you activate, the greater the value of the bonus.

Enel Energia
If you are already an Enel Energia customer

If you already have active or have just activated power and/or gas and/or fiber supplies from Enel Energia, find out how to get a bonus on your bill.


Discover the advantages of Formidabile Dual Mobilità

Luce, Waybox and free up to 10,000 km. Choose Formidabile Dual Mobilità until 31 December.

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Formidabile Dual Mobilità

The offer with Power, Waybox and free up to 10,000 km

Power offer

Enel X Waybox Start Cellular All inclusive from Enel X Way Italia S.r.l with standard installation included, e.g. the Waybox 4.0 single-phase Socket.


Discover the benefits of Formidabile Fotovoltaico

Incredible price, all-inclusive offer, access to tax deductions and a choice of payment options.

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Formidabile Fotovoltaico

For your home, choose Formidabile Fotovoltaico 3 kW from 65 €/month for 120 months, TAN 7.50% and APR 7.77%*

*Enel X's Formidabile Fotovoltaico Offer valid until 31/12/2023 subject to verification of installation capacity at different geographic areas. AGOS financing available for all qualifying outlets. Up to 120 months - first installment at 60 days - financeable amount from € 500 to € 30,000. Example for Formidabile Fotovoltaico 3kW: € 5,439 (total credit amount) in 120 installments of € 65 - fixed TAN 7.50% APR 7.77%; total amount due (total credit amount + total credit cost) € 7,800