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Your 3 kWp system for only €5,500 including VAT

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By choosing our 3 kW system for only €5500 including VAT, you can enjoy benefits of value up to €850 per year:

  • produce the energy you consume and reduce your electric bill by up to €300 (1) per year;
  • you can recover 50% of the investment (€275 per year (2)) over 10 years, thanks to the tax deduction;
  • for the extra energy you produce, you will receive an on-site exchange grant of up to €275 per year (1) from GSE (the ItalianNational Grid Operator),, thus earning a profit. 

Choose the convenience and security of new offers and plan to save on your bills, as shown.

The Start Offer includes a 3 kW photovoltaic system for only €5,500 including VAT. Entrust in the experience and reliability of the Enel brand at the best price on the market.
The Start offer includes the possibility of combining the Aton or ABB Energy Storage System. Discover the size that best suits you.  

The Premium Offer includes a 3 kW photovoltaic system at €6,900 including VAT. For those who pay attention to aesthetics and are seeking a photovoltaic system with top-of-the-range components.
The Premium offer includes the possibility of integrating the LG CHEM-branded Energy Storage System. Discover the size that best suits you

(1) Estimated on a consumption of 3500 kWh/year, a self-consumption of 35% supplied by the 3 kW photovoltaic system, domestic resident customer tariff protected market with installed load of  3 kW. On-site Net Metering estimated on a yearly average photovoltaic production of 1300 kWh/kWp, unitary flat-rate value calculated on 2016 average levels and 2017 PUN (National reference index).
(2) Estimated on the purchase price of € 5,500 (including VAT) on the basis of the 2018 Stability Law, which provides for a 50% tax deduction in 10 years for photovoltaic installations in 2018.