A recharge for three

With the market launch of Enel Fast Recharge Plus, there are even more opportunities to recharge your electric vehicles. Greater speed, overall coverage and benefits for all.


Recharge anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the three different methods offered by Enel, getting around in an electric car is even easier today and everyone can find the solution that best suits their needs.

The ideal solution for private homes is the box station, an AC charging infrastructure designed for electric vehicles of any kind. For both public and private open spaces such as company parking lots, shopping centres or busy urban roads, we have developed our own pole station: charging columns designed to be easily recognised and localised thanks to their slender design, and can guarantee the simultaneous charging of two electric cars with Scame and Mennekes sockets. Enel began to install the first Fast Recharge infrastructures in October 2017 under the Eva + project, with AC and DC infrastructures for fast charging. These infrastructures can support up to three vehicles at the same time and have three different charging modes: 50kW DC, 43 kW AC and 22 kW AC, and also allow for remote control and maintenance through 3G connectivity. The Eva+ project coordinated by Enel envisages the installation of 200 fast charging stations along suburban roads in the next three years: 180 in Italy and the other 20 in Austria.
Enel is ready to invest in municipalities that have already launched electric mobility programmes and have a significant number of electric cars on the road and adequate network coverage, but companies and hotels are the new frontiers for getting around in an evermore sustainable manner. Together with you and Enel, naturally.

For more information, visit Enel's website e-smartlife.