Why an electric car makes sense

It not only reduces greenhouse gases and eliminates acoustic pollution. But it can circulate in town centres and the limited traffic areas of many cities, are not required to pay yearly car registration fees and save on insurance costs. 


From noise to silence. From smog to respect for the environment. From traffic to convenience. The electric car is not merely a revolution, it's an intelligent revolution. First of all, it improves the conditions of the planet and our cities because it reduces greenhouse gases by producing zero local emissions, with many benefits to our health. An e-car produces about 72% less CO2 than a traditional car, and is three times more efficient; in fact, it can cover three times more mileage than a traditional car while using the same amount of energy. And it eliminates noise pollution: as anyone who has tried them knows quite well, these cars are very silent.

But an electric car is also comfortable and convenient. It lets us move freely in town centres and the limited traffic areas (ztl) of cities, park for free in the car parks with paid parking in many cities, does not require paying car registration taxes in many Italian regions, some car insurance companies offer lower costs for electric car policies, and they obviously offer savings in petrol costs. Soon electric cars will be even cheaper, thanks to the decreasing battery costs and the increasing number of models offered by car manufacturers.
Thus there are benefits for you, and benefits for all.

For more information, visit Enel's website e-smartlife.