My Energy

My Energy: total control, 24 hours a day

Antonio's job means that he is frequently away from home. He is a prestigious chef, renowned for his creativity and ability to astonish even the most sophisticated palates.

“I'm often away for work, and when I come home don't always have time to check my bills ”

—Antonio, international chef

But now, thanks to Franco, an Enel Energia consultant, Antonio has found a solution that allows him to keep everything under control: My Energy. While Antonio has enjoyed the benefits of being an Enel Energia customer for a number of years, until recently he was unaware that so much information was just a click away: from energy consumption figures, to the state of payments and pay by dates. The service also allows him to monitor all his active utilities, switching from electricity to gas simply by clicking on the respective icon. After he discovered My Energy, Antonio was immediately impressed by the transparency and simplicity of the service.

He can now use his Customer Area to monitor his utilities whenever he wants, and wherever he happens to be in the world. To access his data (customer number or POD code for example), he logs in to the Customer Area and clicks on My Energy. This enables Antonio to check that all his bills have been paid, and see how much energy he has consumed over the last year.

“It was very helpful to be able to see when I was consuming most energy, and as a result, I was able to switch to an Enel dual-rate supply tariff ”

—Antonio, international chef

Antonio often follows his colleagues' lead: he believes that, to remain up-to-date, it is important to exchange ideas, both inside and outside the kitchen. In fact, thanks to My Energy he found that he could also compare his energy consumption figures with those of his colleagues, on the basis of differing geographical areas and types of residence. This led him to decide to try to reduce his energy consumption, both as a personal challenge, and for ecological reasons.

After a few months the graph the illustrating the amount of energy consumed slowly began to fall: Antonio began saving on his energy bills thanks also to the suggestions available at My Energy.

“I never thought of opening the oven after cooking at home: the heat warms my kitchen and I can lower the temperature of the radiators ”

—Antonio, international chef

Follow Antonio's example and access your Customer Area to find out how you can manage your utilities: the tips and graphs provided by My Energy are designed to make everything clearer and simpler.