Enel Energia: "Campione del Servizio" among electricity and gas suppliers

For Enel, customer relationships always come first. All our actions are focused on a single objective: to build quality customer experiences based on accessibility, transparency and reliability.

Recognition of this commitment came on the occasion of the fifth edition of the Migliori in Italia-Campioni del Servizio 2018/2019 [Italy’s Best – Service Champions]” survey, promoted by the Istituto Tedesco di Qualità . Enel Energia was, in fact, identified as the Campione del servizio in the electricity and gas sector. A significant achievement, which rewards our commitment and spurs us on to improve even further.

Enel: Service champion in the electricity and gas sectors

According to analysis conducted by the the Istituto Tedesco di Qualità, Enel is the best Italian company (in the electricity and gas sector) with regard to customer satisfaction. The analysis shows that users' satisfaction with Enel Energia's services is well above the industry average: 74.2% of gas customers said they were satisfied with our company's services (compared with the average of 60.7%), while 79.9% of electricity customers expressed appreciation of our services (against the average of 60.6%). In both cases, Enel Energia emerged as the top Italian company in the sector, ahead of Eni and A2A.

What is the Service Champions Survey?

The survey of the Istituto Tedesco di Qualità is the largest ever conducted in Italy. For the fifth edition, German analysts involved 200,000 users, using advanced techniques based both on direct interviews and on social listening, i.e. paying attention to conversations on the Web. This allowed an in-depth view of consumers' opinions on the various companies, giving the recognition obtained by Enel Enrgia even more value.