Enel Energia once again is “Campione del Servizio” in the Power and Gas sector!

Many services of excellence for your power and gas supplies

The satisfaction of people is the main focus and primary goal. Our culture is centered around inclusiondevelopment and collaboration, and we are proud to have been recognized by our customers as an example, quality, transparency and reliability.

Our commitment, in such an important moment for the whole country, this year has multiplied, giving life to numerous services with which we have tried to make the experience of our customers increasingly digital and interactive.

The milestone reached in the investigation “Migliori in Italia - Campioni del Servizio 2021”

An acknowledgment for this commitment came on the occasion of the sixth edition of the survey Migliori in Italia - Campioni del Servizio 2021 promoted by the German Institute of Quality and Finance (ITQF). In fact, Enel Energia has been identified Service Champion in the power and gas sectors. An important milestone, which has been achieved by listening to users' needs and improving our power and gas supply services year after year.

"Migliori in Italia- Campioni del Servizio" is the largest survey conducted in Italy on the level of services that companies offer to their customers. In the sixth edition, 232,000 interviews were asked for an opinion on customer service, with 1,319 companies analyzed in 152 different sectors of the economy.

Enel Energia's power and gas services

In the past year we have introduced and enhanced many services to facilitate the experience of our customers, creating an organic and usable ecosystem through our App and through our Customer Area, channels conceived and designed starting from listening to users.

We have created innovative offers by making possible a precise control of consumption and a constant monitoring thanks to the new 2G meter.
Enel Energia customers have the possibility to receive their bills via certified e-mail or via the Bolletta Web and can proceed with the payment of bills with the Direct Debit directly to your IBAN or by credit card.

In the portfolio of power offers or the home we have given priority to certified energy as produced by renewable sources as water, sun, wind and heat of the earth (certification obtained through the system of guarantees of origin of the GSE). And for those who have chosen a green offer for their business, Enel Energia gives the opportunity to communicate their sustainable choice thanks to Green Kit.

Many ways to contact us

The world runs fast but we leave no one behind, and we also respond to our customers through the more traditional channels, such as our free number 800.900.860, or our Spazio Enel through highly experienced and specialized personnel. Furthermore, to avoid queues and better manage the flow of people, you can book your appointment comfortably from home thanks to the App Ufirst and avoid any waiting.

The relationship with the customer and its centrality in our daily activities has allowed us to focus on their needs, and pushes us to to give our best. Year after year.