Problems with bank domiciliation?

Dear customer, we inform you that a campaign has been launched to refine customer requests relating to bank domiciliation.

If there are data to verify referable to you, you may receive a SMS or an e-mail to start a chatbot via Whatsapp.

You will have 5 days from receiving the email/SMS to communicate the missing data referable to you via WhatsApp and complete your request of bank domiciliation.

The communications you may receive

Here are the messages you may receive:

  • By SMS from Enel Energia containing the following text:

    Enel Energia - Hello ....., the bank domiciliation for the supply of Gas code 00 ********* 123 was not successful. Deliver within 5 days. from the reception of this sms your data on WhatsApp to verify them. Start the chatbot by clicking on "link”. Keep your bill and a bank document on hand.

    Privacy info on:


  • By email from containing the following text:

    "Hello ......, your request for bank domiciliation for the supply of electricity with code IT ********* 123 was not successful. Do not worry! You can indicate your details to verify them with us on WhatsApp by clicking on the button below. Some codes that identify your supply may be necessary, so we suggest you keep a bill and a bank document at hand to communicate some personal data.

    For your convenience, we remind you how the codes that identify the supplies are composed:

    POD Code: is composed of 14 alphanumeric characters and starts with "IT", continues with three numbers, an "E" and finally eight numbers (example: IT123E12345678).
    PDR Code: is composed of 14 numeric characters (example: 12345678901234) .

    You have 5 days from receiving this e-mail to communicate your data on WhatsApp, after which, if you do not provide your data, you will be contacted again by Enel Energia

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Customer Service
    Enel Energia"