Enel Self Power the energy offer with photovoltaics for a sustainable future

Enel Self Power is the new offer from Enel Energia that allows you to purchase an photovoltaic system from Enel X and self-produce the energy you need in your home , taking advantage of numerous advantages.

Thanks to the Enel X photovoltaic system, you will be able to self-produce energy during the day, reducing electricity consumption and saving up to 30%* on your bill, a percentage which can increase in the presence of a accumulation system. Furthermore, with Enel Self Power, for the first 6 months of supply you will be able to enjoy a bonus which resets, net of VAT, the fixed monthly fee to cover the marketing and sales fee (CCV) . Enel X will offer you an integrated installation** of the photovoltaic system, guaranteeing maximum quality and safety. 

An offer tailored to your energy needs

Enel Self Power offers you the possibility to choose between 3 customized tariff plans for the energy component: "Senza Orari" (mono), "Bioraria" and "Notte e Festivi". In this way, you will be able to adapt the offer to your consumption habits and maximize your savings. If you need to change your rate plan, you can do it for free, with no additional costs. In addition, you will have the energy component at a fixed price and the CCV for 12 months, guaranteeing stability and security in your energy costs.

Once the roof photovoltaic system has been installed, you will be able to take advantage of the self-produced energy during the day, while at night you will have the opportunity to benefit from the "Notte e FestivI" plan, which will completely reset the energy component in F3***. In this way, you will be able to maximize your bill savings and be increasingly self-sufficient for your energy needs.

For the first 6 months of supply, you have the opportunity to benefit from an advantageous bonus which will allow you to cancel, net of VAT, the fixed monthly fee to cover the marketing fee and sale (CCV), offering you significant savings during the first 6 months of using the Enel Self Power offer. Take advantage of this opportunity to reduce energy costs and enjoy all the benefits of solar energy.

Enel Self Power: the smart choice for the future

Choosing Enel Self Power means having a tailor-made energy offer, saving on your bill, contributing to the environment and benefiting from a professional installation.

Not only does Enel Self Power offer you significant savings, but it also allows you to contribute to the environment thanks to the use of energy from 100% renewable sources certified through the guarantee system of GSE origin. In addition, the included Bolletta Web simplifies the management of your energy bills through a convenient online service.

Activate Enel Self Power at Spazio Enel, the Spazio Enel Partners, the Enel X Store or through our Agencies. Take control of your energy future with Enel Self Power!


*Arera study on the behavior of prosumer customers with photovoltaic power between 1 and 6 kW.
**The Enel X offer for the photovoltaic system includes: inspection, design, installation and support from ENEA. In addition, free 10-year All Risks Insurance and disposal of modules at the end of their life (for more information, visit the https://www.enelxstore.com/it/it).
*** Slot F3: Monday to Saturday from 11pm to 7am, Sundays and public holidays.