With ENELPREMIA WOW! bonuses bloom in the bill

Try to win one of the 100 bonuses on your bill of €30 every day!

What is the best way to celebrate the arrival of spring? Easy: devote yourself to virtual gardening by playing the new fun contest of ENELPREMIA WOW!.

If you are an Enel Energia customer with at least one active supply and you are enrolled in the completely free ENELPREMIA WOW! * loyalty program, you can participate in the new prize competition “With ENELPREMIA WOW! the bonuses in the bill are blooming" **: just virtually water the plant you will see on the screen to find out immediately if the winning flower is blooming!

Try your luck trying to win, every day and with a number of bets available equal to the number of active contracts in your name *** , one of the 100 bonuses in a €30 bill up for grabs every day for the duration of the competition (for a total of 6,300 prizes).

Taking part in the initiative is easy, don't miss it: the competition expires on 15 June 2022!

How to join the contest?

You can participate in the competition directly from the Enel Energia App or from the Enel website. it. If you use the Enel Energia App, after logging in, enter the "WOW!" section and click on the card dedicated to the Competition “With ENELPREMIA WOW! bonuses in the bill bloom". If you participate, however, through the enel.it website, enter Customer Area by logging in, go to the section "ENELPREMIA WOW!" and select the item "Join our Contests".

At this point you just have to accept the Regulation, and virtually water the plant to find out if the bonus in your bill has blossomed! Remember: you have every day a number of attempts equal to the number of active contracts *** in your name, both power and gas!

If you don't win on the day you entered the contest, you can try your luck again the next day and so on until the contest ends or, in any case, until you win a daily prize. Remember: if you win the daily prize, you will no longer be able to play in the following days, but you will still participate in the final draw for one of the 100 bonuses of €60 on the bill.
In addition, by registering with the ENELPREMIA WOW! program, you can also accumulate WOW points! to quickly reach the points threshold needed to request the much-desired bonus in your bill!

If luck does not smile at you particularly, you still have a great chance: at the end of the competition, for any unassigned residual daily prizes, all those who have participated at least once in the competition, regardless of whether or not they win a daily prize, they will participate in the final drawing of one of the 100 bonuses in the bill worth €60 each, not subject to VAT, up for grabs in the final drawing which will take place by 31 July 2022.

What are the prizes up for grabs?

Take part in the initiative and try to win, every day and with a number of bets available equal to the number of active contracts *** registered to you, one of the 100 daily prizes up for grabs for the duration of the contest, for a total of 6,300 prizes!

If you win, you will receive a prize consisting of a bonus in the bill of the value of €30 not subject to VAT: within the deadline for the final drawing, they will then extracted 100 lucky customers who will win each un bonus in the bill worth €60 each, not subject to VAT.

How will the prizes be awarded?

The bonus will be attributed to you in relation to your supply contract, which is active on the date of acceptance of the award and will be recognized in the first bill profit issued by Enel Energia after confirmation of the awarding of the prize or in any case no later than 180 days from the end of this Competition, subject to verification by Enel Energia's IT systems of the absence of arrears on the part of the winner. ****

If you are the owner of several active supplies ***, the bonus will be recognized on the supply that has been active for the longest time in relation to the date of activation of the withdrawal point (POD/PDR), which in any case falls within one of the cases in point indicated in paragraph 5 of Regulation of contest.

In the event that you are the winner of both a €30 bonus and a €60 bonus, it is specified that each bonus will be awarded in bill for a maximum amount of 30 €. Any remainder of the bonus will be attributed, up to its capacity and within the limits described, in subsequent bills ****.
If I were to cease all supplies before applying the residual bonus to the bill, the latter will not be paid.

You are not yet an Enel Energia customer, what are you waiting for? Choose the power and/or gas offer on the Enel Energia free market that best suits your consumption and discover how easy it is to get a new surprise every week with ENELPREMIA WOW! *

*Joining the loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW! is allowed to natural persons of age, resident in Italy, already customers on the free market with Enel Energia, holders of an active supply of natural gas for domestic use of the "individual heating" type, "use of cooking food and hot water" and / or active supply of household electricity. All those who do not fall within the categories indicated above and those who use the services of last resort are expressly excluded from participating in the Exhibition. Cases for which the regulation imposes a specific prohibition to subscribe are also excluded (by way of example and not limited to PLACET offers).

**Competition valid from 14/04/2022 to 15/06/2022. Total prize money total estimated market value of 195,000.00 euros, not subject to VAT. Complete regulation and how to participate on enel.it and on the Enel Energia App.

***Supplies relating to services of last resort and supplies for which the regulation imposes a specific prohibition on subscribing to the ENELPREMIA WOW! loyalty program are excluded. (by way of example and not limited to PLACET offers) which the customer owns.

****In the event of arrears, the bonus will not be awarded until the arrears to be made no later than the final term of this Competition have been remedied. Should you cease all supplies before the bonus is awarded, the latter will not be paid to you, even if you have to do so, within 60 days from the termination of the contract (s), and no later than 180 days from the end of this Competition, to conclude a new supply contract with Enel Energia, which nevertheless falls within one of the cases indicated in paragraph 5 and registers again in the “ENELPREMIA WOW!” program. In the event that a customer is the winner of both an Instant Win prize consisting of a € 30 bonus and a final prize consisting of a € 60 bonus, he will receive the total € 90 bonus divided into three separate invoices, each of which will report the award of a € 30 bonus).