Using energy in the best way ignites new savings opportunities

The energy crisis we are experiencing requires each of us to implement virtuous behaviors for energy saving, in order to mitigate its effects and counter the increase in energy costs.

In this context, Enel Energia wants to do its part with an initiative that is good for everyone, including the environment.

There are several actions that can be done to do this and they do not require excessive efforts or sacrifices.

What are the best ways to save energy?

Few simple, but effective rules :

  • Unplug the power supplies from electrical outlets when you are not using them;
  • Avoid eaving objects on in stand by mode;
  • Don't forget to defrost the fridge and the freezer as soon as ice formations appear;
  • Only start appliances when fully loaded and during the most convenient time slot, when possibile;
  • Use LED light bulbs;
  • Adjust the room temperature without excess;
  • Try to mantain the temperature in the room stable avoiding dispersions;
  • If you can, choose the induction hob to cook and heat pumps to heat;
  • If you can, choose appliances of energy efficiency classes.

To find out all the ways to save energy visit the section dedicated to the electrification of consumptions.

In addition, EssenzialMente * was born, an initiative that helps you save on your bill and can make you earn a small bonus if you consume less.

How to join the initiative?

You don't have to sign anything or sign up for loyalty programs, and you don't even have to go anywhere.

How does the bonus work?

You'll receive directly on your bill a 0,10 € bonus for each kWh saved during the month of October, November and Dicember 2022 compared to the kWh used during the same months in 2021.

The bonus will be recognized to you: 

  • by the second useful bill of 2023 or, in case of withdrawal and/or transfer, with the closing bill;
  • in the months in which the average value of the single national price (PUN) will be higher than 400 € per MWh. The PUN is the wholesale reference price of electricity that is purchased on the market of the Italian Power Exchange and its trend is always available on the website of the  Gestore Mercati Energetici (GME) in the summary data;
  • in the presence of real consumption data (not estimated). If you have signed a contract with Enel Energia for less than 12 months, the consumption data are compared with the historical data of your POD (identification code of the supply point), if available in the Integrated Information System;
  • for supplies that will be active as of 31.12.2022 with fixed price offers. In the event of withdrawal, transfer or transition to free market offers with regulated price structure and contractual conditions (for example: PLACET) during the period of the initiative, the bonus will be recognized only for the months for which a reduction in the consumption before the completion of the above operations which will lead to exclusion from the initiative in question.

You can consult the consumption history on your bills available in your Customer Area on and, starting from mid-November 2022, you can check if you are saving.




*Supplies excluded from the initiative:
- For which only estimated consumptions are available in the period September-December 2021;
- With indexed price offers;
- With free market offers with price structure and regulated contractual conditions (by way of example and not limited to Place offers;
- With arrears at the time of the launch of the initiative;
- For which a takeover or first activation was carried out from 2 October 2021.