Enel Energia and Smeg together for sustainable development

Enel Energia's environmental commitment in the power supply meets Italian design by Smeg, for a collaboration in the name of a sustainable future.

Italian design and certified power as coming from renewable sources come together thanks to the close collaboration between Enel Energia, the company of the Enel Group that operates in the free market of power and natural gas and Smeg, a manufacturer of household appliances with a made in Italy design.

A partnership that testifies to the common commitment of two important companies towards a future that is more attentive to environmental sustainability, in the constant search for efficient and performing solutions to make daily domestic consumption respectful of the available resources and destined to generate real added value for the entire community.

With the aim of enhancing the issues of environmental sustainability and made in Italy, therefore, Smeg and Enel Energia have decided to start a partnership for the benefit of consumers.

Until 30 November those who purchase a Smeg appliance, among those dedicated to the initiative on the official website of Smeg company or at one of the Smeg Store present on the national territory, will be able to join LONGBONUS LUCE, Enel Energia's green light offer for the free market, which allows you to receive up to a maximum of € 600 in bonuses credited to your bill.

Sustainability and design: the values ​​that unite Enel Energia and Smeg

The history, know-how and experience in their areas of expertise, which Enel Energia and Smeg have in common, have come together in a collaboration that highlights the core values ​​of two companies that symbolize made in Italy.

Products for domestic use, with an iconic design, which enrich our homes with beauty, on the one hand, and the solidity of a power supplier with innovative and convenient offers, on the other. The lowest common denominator is the careful look towards a future which involves everyone closely and in which consumption plays a decisive role.

The two companies, in fact, share a constant and daily commitment to the creation of sustainable value for the environment and the community. The cooperation between these complementary realities is combined with the common goal of wanting to open and interpret the new scenarios of the sector thanks to different development models and with a lower environmental impact, with particular regard to the circular economy and regeneration.

LONGBONUS LUCE is the power offer aimed at those who purchase one of the Smeg products selected for the initiative

Up to 600 euros of bonuses credited to the bill. This is the strength of Enel's LONGBONUS LUCE Energy.

Starting from the second month of power supply, Enel Energia will credit the bill with a bonus of € 5 per month for 10 years, up to a maximum of € 600.

Furthermore, joining LONGBONUS LUCE does not include any activation costs or interventions on the system or the meter.

All the advantages of sustainability, for a shared future

The economic benefits are also accompanied by attention to environmental issues. With LONGBONUS LUCE, in fact, you only use certified power as coming from renewable sources through the GSE system of guarantees of origin.

Certified energy is produced exclusively from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth. Also for this reason, the collaboration between Enel Energia and Smeg is reflected in the commitment shared by the two companies to re-evaluate the domestic environment, spread the culture and awareness of household consumption to trigger virtuous behaviors, bringing the energy transition to a higher level.

Have you bought your Smeg appliance? Subscribe now to Enel Energia's Longbonus Luce offer!

Now that you have chosen and purchased your new Smeg appliance, you just have to proceed with joining the Enel Energia Longbonus Luce offer.

A few simple steps to join the offer!

  • After purchasing your Smeg appliance, you will receive an email directly from Smeg
  • Click on the link in the email and go to the page dedicated to the LONGBONUS LUCE offer on the Enel Energia website where you will find all the information on the economic and contractual conditions relating to the offer
  • The email will contain a code to be entered when subscribing to the LONGBONUS LUCE offer on the Enel Energia website

Remember that for any need you can always contact Enel Energia Customer Service on 800900860; all our specialized operators are at your disposal from 7.00 to 22.00 every day except holidays.

Don't miss the opportunity, go to the Smeg.it website or the Smeg Stores and become a customer of Enel Energia.

Note: In the event of withdrawal, termination of supply and product change (re-negotiation), the Customer will be entitled to the portion of the bonus accrued up to that moment.