How to make a complaint to Enel Energia

Discover a quick and easy way to submit your reports and get help

In everyday experience, complications may arise when it comes to managing the complex and articulated ecosystems that make up the world of energy.

To ensure maximum efficiency, checks, repeated checks and continuous updating of the infrastructures are necessary: ​​the unexpected is always taken into consideration. This is why the complaint represents an extremely effective tool for us to act and resolve problems promptly: a correctly submitted report can really make a difference.

How to submit a complaint to us online

On the Enel Energia website we have provided a online form. It is the most immediate method to send us any type of complaint whether of a technical nature, such as a breakdown or sudden interruption of supply, which administrative, such as an error on the bill or in the data reported on it.
If you meet any difficulties with your power and gas supplies, of any kind, you can contact us directly online using this very practical and fast tool.

How to fill in the online form

On the online form you are asked to fill in some mandatory fields. For example, it is useful to distinguish the nature of the complaint at the outset: if it concerns a supply of power, gas, or the service of Gas Protection.
After entering your personal data and a telephone number, to which we can contact you, you can also indicate the time slot which is more convenient for you to talk to us.
Further useful data are those relating to your supply, such as the customer number and the code POD/PDR.

To receive the most effective assistance possible, in the Topic section, select the item that pertains to your complaint: Contracts, Arrears and suspension, Market, Invoicing, Measure, Works Connections and technical quality, Social Bonus, Commercial Quality and more.
Subsequently, enter a brief description of the problem you have encountered and for which you submit the complaint, you will help us to better understand and manage the request.
Once you have filled out the form, press the "Confirm" button, you will be contacted shortly at the number indicated to have any additional information regarding your request, and once this is handled you will be sent a written reply with the result of your complaint.

Complaint Forms

If for some reason you are unable to fill out the online form, you can always download and print the individual complaint forms, divided according to the type of supply:

Once you have printed and filled in the form you are interested in, you can send it to us using the following channels:

  • via uploader direct from our site through the following link
  • by email to
  • by fax using these telephone numbers:
    • Power info: 800.046.311
    • To prove a payment for power or gas: 800.903.727
    • In case of posting (or notice of posting): 800.066.386
    • For extraordinary supplies: 0864.303.117
    • For sending faxes from abroad: +39 0232981107
  • by post to Enel Energia S.p.A. - C.P. 8080 - 85100 Potenza

Also in this case you will receive a written reply to let you know the outcome of the practice.

Other channels where to contact us

If you would like to contact us for a report or a doubt regarding your supply contract, or for commercial information, our consultants are also at your disposal at the toll-free number 800 900 860 or at one of the our Spazio Enel present throughout the country, find the one closest to you and agree on a appointment in complete safety together with one of our representatives.

If you need help or to learn more about a specific topic, consult our page of support or the dedicated page at frequently asked questions, you will find everything you need and one of our chat operators to respond to all your requests.