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We are experiencing a period of great change, the habits of each of us, the daily and organizational needs and, consequently, the consumption related to home lighting supplies also change. Enel Energia offers you a simple and immediate solution to manage all these innovations and save on the price of the energy component.

With the new offer Scegli Oggi Luce you have three tariff plans to choose from and a 30% discount on the list price of the energy component locked for the first 24 months, if you come from the Free Market. And if you come from the Maggior Tutela Service the discount is 40%.

For example, for the "Senza Orari" plan, the list price of the energy component (excluding VAT and taxes) is equal to € 0.482/kWh and discounted by 30% is equal to € 0.3374/kWh. This price is inclusive of network losses that are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA.

In addition to the list price of the energy component, the payment of a marketing and sales fee (CCV Luce) is also envisaged, which for the first 24 months of supply will be equal to € 144 /POD/year (excluding VAT and taxes), from pay on a monthly basis.

In addition, if you subscribe online to the offer Scegli Oggi Luce, you will receive a bonus of 30 euros** directly in your bill. which will be paid to you in installments of 3 euros per month for the first 10 months of supply.

Changing with Scegli Oggi Luce is worthwhile!

With Scegli Oggi Luce, switching to the Free Market is even more advantageous

If you are considering the opportunity to choose a power offer on the Free Market, Scegli Oggi Luce from Enel Energia is a convenient solution. In fact, for you who come from the Maggior Tutela service, the list price of the energy component is discounted by 40% and is locked for the first 24 months. And the switch is easy and free, as well as convenient!

If, on the other hand, you come from the Free Market and you want to switch to Enel Energia for the power supply of your home, you have a 30% discount on the list price of the energy component locked for the first 24 months!

Logo Prodotto dell'Anno

Scegli Oggi by Enel Energia has been Elected Product of the 2022 Year by the most important market research on Innovation in Italy, with a research on 12,000 consumers carried out by IRI, based on a selection of services sold in Italy. Energy Services category.

The flexible offer that adapts to your needs

Scegli Oggi Luce is a flexible as well as convenient offer. In fact, you can choose from three tariff plans the one that best meets the consumption needs of your family.

For you who live your home at all hours between smart working and stoves, with the Senza Orari plan, you have a single list price of the energy component valid for any time of day or night.

If you are away from home all day, come home late and look for savings at night, with the Notte e Festivi plan the list price of the energy component, including grid losses, is equal to 0 €/kWh, VAT and taxes excluded, all nights and public holidays (Monday to Saturday from 11pm to 7am, Sunday and public holidays). This price includes network losses that are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA.

If you are interested in a price of the energy component that allows you to save in the evening, on weekends and holidays, you can choose the Bioraria plan. So, if you are in the office all day and live at home in the evening and on weekends, Scegli Oggi Luce has a tariff plan that is suitable for you too!

And if your needs change, Scegli Oggi Luce changes with you. You can choose to upgrade to another plan for free at no additional cost.

Find the solution that best suits your needs!

With Scegli Oggi Luce you make a sustainable choice

The world is changing and environmental sustainability has now become a daily requirement. What if we told you that you can make a difference? Choose an offer that respects the environment, with Scegli Oggi Luce you only use green energy, produced from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth, certified by the Operator's "Guarantees of Origin" system Energy Services.

With Scegli Oggi Luce Respect for the environment is your everyday life!

How to join Scegli Oggi online

Not sure how to activate the online offer? Don't worry, we'll guide you. You just need a few simple steps:

  • go to the website to the page dedicated to the offer
  • select if you come from Free Market or from the Maggior Tutela service
  • choose the rate plan that best suits your needs
  • follow the wizard and remember to keep a bill handy to easily retrieve the data you will be asked for

You can subscribe to the offer if you have an already active supply and you switch to Enel Energia from another supplier. The transition does not involve costs and interventions on the systems or on the meter.

Scegli Oggi is the change that's right for you!

** The monthly bonus amount, equal to € 3, will be recognized in the bill only for online subscriptions starting from the first month of supply. In the event of withdrawal, termination of supply and product change (re-negotiation) you will be entitled to the portion of the bonus accrued up to that moment.


Choose today your energy

The offer with the list price of the energy component discounted and locked for the first 24 months