Three steps towards sustainability with ENELPREMIA WOW!

Experience sustainability and try to win bill bonuses and digital Gift Cards!

Starting from 26 July to 28 September inclusive, if you are already a member or if you will join the completely free loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW!*, you will have the opportunity to participate in the new prize competition dedicated to sustainability.

Thanks to the new contest "Three steps towards sustainability with ENELPREMIA WOW!"**, which includes three different activities, you can try to win every day, with an even number of attempts the number of active electricity and/or gas and fiber supply contracts in your name***, one of the 30 Digital Gift Cardsi up for grabs every day for a total of 1,440 prizes. Furthermore, you will participate in the final draws of the activity(ies) in which you took part, with the possibility of winning up to a maximum of 3 of the 900 bill bonuses worth €50 up for grabs (300 for each individual activity) whose final draws will take place by 31 October 2023.

What is it about?

The "Three steps towards sustainability with ENELPREMIA WOW!" invites you to take part in three different activities, each focused on sustainable behavior linked to the responsible use of power. You can try to win one of the 30 daily digital Gift Cards, worth €30 each, up for grabs for each activity.

  • Activity 1: from 26/07/2023 to 10/08/2023 - dedicated to home lighting;
  • Activity 2: from 28/08/2023 to 12/09/2023 - dedicated to home air conditioning;
  • Activity 3: from 13/09/2023 to 28/09/2023 - dedicated to the responsible use of the dishwasher.

How to participate in the "Three steps towards sustainability with ENELPREMIA WOW!" competition?

You can participate in the competition via the website or via the Enel Energia App. To participate via the web, access the Customer Area, enter "ENELPREMIA WOW!" and select the contest in the "Participate in our Contests" section. In case you want to participate through our App, log in (if you are already registered) and click on the "WOW!" and on the card dedicated to the Competition.

Once you have selected the competition, accept the Rules and... make the correct sustainable gesture! You will have at your disposal, every day, a number of attempts to play equal to the number of energy supply contracts electricity and/or gas and active fiber in your name***.

If you are not a winner, you can try your luck again by entering the contest the following day. In the case of an immediate win, you can expressly accept or refuse the prize, but in any case you will no longer be able to play until the end of the specific activity and you will have to wait for the start of the next activity to try your luck again.

What prizes are there?

During the competition, a total of 1,440 prizes will be awarded, divided as follows:

  • for Activity 1 n. 480 Decathlon digital Gift Cards worth €30 each, not subject to VAT;
  • for Activity 2 n. 480 Mondadori Store digital Gift Cards worth €30 each, not subject to VAT;
  • for Activity 3 n. 480 MyGiftCard Square Supermarket digital Gift Cards (30 per day) worth €30 each, not subject to VAT.

Furthermore, all the participants who have played 1, 2 or all 3 of the competition's activities at least once, will participate in the final draw which will take place by 31/10/2023, with the possibility of winning one of the 300 bill bonuses worth €50 each, up for grabs for each gaming activity (900 bill bonuses all up for grabs). 

By participating, at least once, in all three activities, therefore, you will have the chance to win up to 3 bonuses on your bill. What are you waiting for?

For more details, read the Regulations of the Competition .


You are not an Enel Energia customer yet, what are you waiting for? Choose the power and/or gas and fiber offer on the free market from Enel Energia that is most suitable for the consumption of your home and, once the contract is concluded, find out how easy it is to obtain many advantages every week with ENELPREMIA WOW!*.

If, on the other hand, you are already one of our customers, registering for the ENELPREMIA WOW!* loyalty programme, is simple and immediate!

Log in or register in the Customer Area of ​​the website and register with a simple click to ENELPREMIA WOW!*

Do you prefer to do everything from your smartphone? No problem. Download the free Enel Energia App from Apple Store or Play Store, register and subscribe. 
Once you've signed up for ENELPREMIA WOW!*, access the dedicated section and start taking advantage of all the benefits designed for our registered customers.

With the Enel Energia App, moreover, in just a few steps, you will be able to know all the activities of ENELPREMIA WOW!*, manage your electricity, gas and fiber supplies, pay bills, check your consumption, self-read the meter and much more, but above all discover the convenience of always being in touch with Enel Energia from your smartphone!

Finally, to register for ENELPREMIA WOW!* you can also go to the nearest Enel Space or contact our customer service on the free toll-free number 800900860 even from a mobile phone .

Participating in the initiative is easy, don't miss it: the contest ends on 28 September 2023!

Find all the details of the Competition in the Complete rules and on the website.

* Prize draw valid from 01.11.2019 to 31.12.2023. Regulation complete and how to participate on and on the Enel Energia App. Enrollment in the ENELPREMIA WOW! it is allowed to natural persons of legal age, residing in Italy, already customers on the free market with Enel Energia, holders of an active supply of natural gas for domestic use of the "individual heating use", "use of cooking food and hot water" type and/or active supply of domestic electricity. All those who do not fall within the categories indicated above and those who use services of last resort are expressly excluded from participation in the Event. The cases for which the regulation imposes a precise prohibition on registering (by way of example and not limited to PLACET offers) are also excluded. 

** "Three steps towards sustainability with ENELPREMIA WOW!" valid from 26/07/2023 to 28/09/2023 with final draws by 31/10/2023. Total jackpot total estimated market value equal to 88.200,00€ not subject to VAT. Regulations complete and how to participate on and on the Enel Energia App.

*** Supplies that use last resort services and supplies for which the regulation imposes a precise ban on enrolling in the ENELPREMIA WOW! loyalty program are excluded. (by way of example and not limited to PLACET offers) of which the customer is the owner.