Start again with the new energy of Scegli Tu Special 3

Now is the time to move forward: from June 12 to July 23, with Scegli Tu Special 3 you have 3 months of energy component free!

It's time to start again with new energy: to do this, we want to take care of you and your home with a promotion that fits your needs. Witn Enel Energia's Scegli Tu Special 3 offer for the Free Market choose the tariff plan that best suits your needs and you have the first three months of energy component free: freedom to choose and the convenience you need!

Take advantage now of the benefits of the new Enel Energia offer and get three months of energy component free to start again. Want to know more? Let's find out together all that's new!

On promotion! The first 3 months of the energy component are free

Simple and advantageous, with Scegli Tu Special 3 starting again in the best way is easy and convenient: at your disposal is an offer with three different tariff plans, just find the one that best suits your needs and immediately get the first three months free for the energy component! In fact, a discount equal to 100% of the energy component will be applied to consumption for the first three months following the date of activation of supply; this will appear on your bill as per the agreed billing schedule. Once the first 3 months have elapsed, you will pay the price of the energy component in accordance with the tariff plan selected and indicated in the Technical Economic Conditions you have accepted. Switch immediately to Enel Energia!

Flexible: change plan at no additional cost

Scegli Tu Special 3 is Enel Energia's offer dedicated to your  home, with the first three months of the energy component free, offering you a solution suited to your needs and allowing you to change plan with no obligations. You can choose from three tariff plans, according to your needs: with the Senza Orari plan, you have a single price for the energy component valid for any hour of the day and night; with the Notte e Festivi plan, the price of the energy component is € 0/kWh, VAT and taxes excluded, all nights and holidays (Monday to Saturday from 23:00 to 07:00, Sundays and holidays); with the Bioraria plan, on the other hand, you save in the evening, on weekends and on holidays. Furthermore, if your consumption habits change, you can change the tariff plan without any additional expense and up to a maximum of 3 times over the 10 months following activation of the supply and for each contractual year.

Easy: how to activate Scegli Tu Special 3

Activating Scegli Tu Special 3 is simple and immediate: go to the pagina dedicata, select the tariff plan most suited to you and click on "Activate now". Follow the guided procedure and, from the contract activation date, you will receive a discount of 100% of the energy component for the first 3 months of supply. In addition, you can also take advantage of the maximum flexibility in managing your supply: you have the opportunity to check your consumption directly dall’App di Enel Energia and, by activating the "Web Bill"service, you can receive your bills in digital format and consult them wherever you are, even from your smartphone.

100% renewable: you only use energy produced from renewable sources

With Scegli Tu Special 3  you sign a sustainable offer because you use only electricity from 100% renewable sources such as sun, water, wind and heat from the earth: energy is certified as coming from renewable sources through the new "Guarantees of Origin" system of the Energy Services Operator according to European Directive 2009/28/EC. Furthermore, if you choose to receive your bills in digital format via email, you reduce the use of paper and make a sustainable choice: Scegli tu Special 3 is convenient for you and the environment.

Today is the time to move on, with 3 months free of energy component and the freedom of Scegli Tu Special 3: don't wait!

Enel Energia

Scegli Tu Special 3

Choose the tariff plan that best suits your needs and you have the first three months of free energy component: until July 23rd!