How to save money on power bill with ORE FREE NOW

Metering energy consumption, smartly selecting the most suitable offer for your needs and reducing waste of power are choices that help to streamline spending on the domestic budget. In addition to implementing some good practices to consume less energy, to save money on your electricity bill is essential to select an offer that suits your needs.

Flexible and fully customisable, this is Enel Energia's new digital offer that allows you to benefit from the potentials offered by the new second-generation (2G) electronic meters. Designed to provide you with more detailed information on your daily consumption habits, they are a useful tool for understanding and selecting the most convenient offer for your home. Knowing your consumption, in fact, allows you to benefit from ORE FREE NOW:  3 consecutive hours a day with the free energy component and the freedom to select the most suitable period for your needs. And if your needs change, no problem! You can change the three of them every day, up to 15 minutes before the start of the chosen period, comfortably from the App or from the Enel Energia Customer Area . 

The simplicity of ORE FREE NOW

Digital and innovative, ORE FREE NOW is the power supply offer for your home that uses 2G meter technology to ensure the utmost simplicity and freedom in managing your supply. Just download the Enel Energia to view the daily consumption, the cost data for the energy component and any other useful information to improve your energy profile and maximize savings on your bill.

How does it work?

You can choose Ore Free if have a second-generation smart meter and a maximum contractual power of 15 kW. and you wish to switch from another provider,  reactivate a deactivated counter (takeover) or change the sign to a supply contract (transfer).

By activating the offer you can choose 3 consecutive hours a day in which the price of the energy component is free and the period can be changed every day free of charge, with a simple click, up to 15 minutes before the start of the period you selected when you joined or later. For example, if you set your 3 Ore Free from 17.00 to 20.00, you can change the period by 16.45.

The advantages of ORE FREE NOW of Enel Energia

Flexibility and simplicity are certainly the main advantages of . This Enel Energia power supply offer, in fact, allows you to adapt the price plan to your needs, in complete freedom. You can change your 3 Ore Free to save money every day!

With the offer ORE FREE NOW, the price of the energy component, outside of the selected hours, is blocked for the first 12 months from the date of activation of the supply, then Enel Energia updates it according to market trends and before the expiry date it will inform you of the new price.

A new way to manage your energy with our Skill for Alexa

A direct line to your energy? From today it is even easier thanks to the & nbsp; Skill by Enel Energia for Alexa devices; Amazon's voice assistant. Simply use your voice and ask Alexa about the world of Enel Energia. Furthermore, if you are already our customer and have subscribed to the Ore Free offer, you can ask her for support to modify the 3 free hours and change your base range for all the following days, or set a daily one. With the Skill for Alexa you can monitor and manage your supply in real time. What are you waiting for? Enter the future of energy!

How to switch to ORE FREE NOW?

You can easily join the offer through the website; just follow the steps below:

  • Go to the offer page ORE FREE NOW;
  • Click on the "Verify and Join" tab, a window will open to allow you to verify that your counter is 2G;
  • Enter the code POD shown on your last bill;
  • If successful, continue with the activation wizard.

If you need help you can chat with one of our operators who will answer all your questions and provide you with the assistance you need.

You can also choose to activate ORE FREE NOW by going to your nearest Spazio Enel, or by calling Customer Service on toll-free number 800900860 from Italy or +39 0664511012 from abroad, for a fee at the cost applied by your telephone operator.


*Contatore elettronico di seconda generazione teleletto (contatore 2G) ovvero in grado di rilevare e mettere a disposizione i dati di misura basati su curve con dettaglio quartorario. I dati con dettaglio a 15 minuti sono disponibili solo se il contatore 2G viene installato nell’ambito del programma massivo di sostituzione dei contatori di prima generazione, che prevede interventi di aggiornamento anche su altre parti dell’infrastruttura tecnica di acquisizione e trasmissione dati.

Enel Energia


The new power offer with 3 hours of energy component for free every day and a 20% discount on the price of the energy component on the remaining hours

  • Power

    2G Meter

    3 hours Free

    Ore Free Now

    Every day for you THREE HOURS FREE of energy component, discounted by 20% for the rest of the day

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    €0,0712/kWh *
    €0,0/kWh **

    For you who own a second generation tele-meter and a contractual power up to 15 kW

    * Price per kWh applied every day for 21 hours a day and blocked for 12 months.
    ** Price per kWh applied every day in the 3 free daily hours chosen by the customer.
    Prices refer only to the energy component (excluding VAT and taxes)

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