ENEL ONE: energy in subscription!

Discover the offer with 5 plans of your choice and a single fixed monthly cost, VAT and taxes included. And if you switch to Enel Energia you have a € 60 Bonus

Managing your energy has never been easier

What if we told you that we have thought of an offer for your home that suits your needs and with which you control your consumption?

With ENEL ONE you have a fixed monthly cost, also including taxes and VAT, based on the plan chosen and thanks to the Enel Energia App or Customer Area, you can check your consumption with a click. Choose which of the 5 plans best suits your consumption needs, we'll take care of the rest! And if your consumption habits change, you can easily switch plans * and it's totally free! Just enter the App or the Customer Area, click on the new plan and you will see the available kWh updated.

Value the energy you don't use in your digital saver

With ENEL ONE, the kilowatt hours consumed more or less than the plan you have chosen are economically enhanced and stored inside the E-BOX, your digital saver. Consumption lower or higher than the plan you have chosen will be valued economically within your personal E-BOX. The content of your E-BOX will then be monetized with credit or debit on your bill at the end of each contractual year or even earlier if it reaches a positive/negative amount of at least €45. The monetization of the E-BOX will also take place in the event of withdrawal, supply termination or offer change. You can conveniently monitor E-BOX from your smartphone or from your computer!

With Alexa, give voice to your energy

Want to find out more? You can always ask Alexa Amazon's voice assistant! Enable the Skill of Enel Energia for Alexa, also available for your smartphone: you will give all the information on the Enel Energia world and that's not all: with Alexa you can change your plan directly, know how much your consumption is and know the balance of E-BOX, your digital saver.

Remember that if you switch to Enel Energia by activating the ENEL ONE offer, you will receive a bonus of € 60* including VAT, which will be divided into tranches of € 5 per month for 12 months and will come recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply. 

Discover ENEL ONE and be amazed by how easy it is.



A fixed monthly cost, also including VAT and taxes, based on the plan chosen and five plans to choose from based on different consumption habits.

* The Customer can take advantage of the free plan change functionality within 10 days of activation of the supply. The availability of the plan change function will be notified to the customer through a specific communication by e-mail/SMS. Compared to the € 60 Bonus, in the event of withdrawal, termination of supply or product change (re-negotiation) will be paid to the Customer the portion of the bonus accrued up to that moment.