Mini Plan: New house? Choose ENEL ONE

Give yourself the opportunity to live your house in freedom and without surprises

Living alone is the freedom to manage your own spaces independently, without timetables or rules, but there are also all the bureaucratic issues that accompany the rent or purchase of a new house.

Between all, those concerning the new power and gas utilities often take precedence. Enel Energia has come up with a series of offers for the free market and services to help you.

The advantages of ENEL ONE, Enel Energia's flexible, simple and digital offer

When you go to live alone, doubts and uncertainties are the order of the day.

Do you have a plan to get started? With ENEL ONE you choose the plan that best suits you and you have a fixed monthly cost , including VAT and taxes, with annual monetization. The offer includes five plans, each with a predefined monthly amount of kWh, to meet the consumption habits of each family.

For your new house, if you have a second generation meter, with ENEL ONE's plan MINI you have 100 kWh per month at a fixed price of 45€, including VAT and taxes! *

The ENEL ONE MINI plan perfectly meets the need of an individual to be able to count on a fixed monthly cost based on the chosen plan, on the certainty of being able to your energy consumption at any time and have the possibility to modify them according to your needs.
Furthermore, in case of higher or lower consumption compared to the chosen plan, do not worry: they will be valued economically (at € 0,289/kWh, VAT and taxes included) in the digital saver E-BOX.

What E-BOX is and how it works, Enel Energia's digital saver

With the ENEL ONE offer you have a simple and intuitive tool to check your consumption comfortably from App or in Customer Area. Each month, consumption higher or lower compared to the plan you have subscribed to are valued economically in your E-BOX. When you consume less or more than your plan, you don't lose your savings or ask you to pay extra monthly. The content of your E-BOX, which can be viewed on your receipt, will be monetized with credit or debit in your bill at the end of each contractual year or every time you reach a positive/negative amount of at least 45€. Monetization will also take place in the event of withdrawal, supply termination or offer change.

How to activate the MINI Plan of the ENEL ONE offer

Joining ENEL ONE is simple and immediate:

  • go to the website, to the page dedicated to the offer;
  • choose the MINI plan and click on the CHECK AND JOIN button, a window will open to verify that your meter is 2G;
  • enter the POD CODE;
  • if successful, you can continue with the offer activation wizard.

You can join ENEL ONE if you come from another supplier, if you want to activate a deactivated meter (take over) or register the supply of another person in your name (transfer).

The advantages of ENEL ONE are not over yet!

If you switch to Enel Energia from another supplier, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to €60 ** on your bill. The €60 bonus, including VAT, will be divided into tranches of €5 per month for 12 months and will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply. What are you waiting for?


* The above price for the MINI plan is valid for the first 12 months from the date of activation of the supply. In the case of supplies for non-resident domestic use, the payment of a monthly fee of 13 euros per month (VAT and taxes included) will be required. In the event of a contractual power exceeding 3 kW, the payment of a monthly fee of 3 euros per month (VAT and taxes included) will be required for each additional kW

** The € 60 bonus, including VAT, will be divided into tranches of € 5 per month for 12 months and will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply. In the event of withdrawal, termination of supply or product change (re-negotiation), the Customer will be entitled to the portion of the bonus accrued up to that moment.

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A fixed monthly cost, also including VAT and taxes, based on the plan chosen and five plans to choose from based on different consumption habits.