Super Plan: The house becomes SUPER with ENEL ONE!

Energy for the whole family and with the support of Enel Energia's Skill for Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant

Work, two children, the shopping list, thinking about what to prepare for lunch, with endless traffic and all the deadlines to remember! Which family does not pass at least one of these tasks?

If you have little time to check to your consumptions, with Enel Energia you have simple and immediate solutions to simplify your everyday life.

The advantages of ENEL ONE, Enel Energia's flexible, simple and digital offer

When it comes to organizing the needs of an entire family, unexpected events are the order of the day, and even a simple choice like that between pasta and pizza becomes a battle. But this year making the right choice is easier thanks to ENEL ONE! The power offer for the house by Enel Energia with five different floors, designed to satisfy the consumption habits of each type of family, which allows you to count on a cost fixed monthly, including VAT and taxes.

The ENEL ONE SUPER plan is the ideal choice for a family of 4. For you who have a second generation meter, in fact, choosing the SUPER plane of ENEL ONE you have every month at your disposal 300 kWh at a fixed price of 100 €/month , including VAT and taxes! * and the certainty of being able to control and manage your subscription at any time even with Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, and you have this functionality available.

In addition, consumption higher or lower than the chosen plan will be economically valued (at €0,289/kWh, VAT and taxes included) in the E-BOX, the digital saver of ENEL ONE, and monetized annually by crediting or debiting the bill or even earlier if it reaches a positive or negative amount of at least 45 euros. You will also be able to see the update of the E BOX in the digital receipt. Monetization will also take place in the event of withdrawal, supply termination or offer change.

The Enel Energia Skill for Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant

If you need to know the details of the plan you have subscribed to or want to check your consumption and manage your supply, Alexa can help you thanks to a simple voice command, thanks to Alexa technology you can monitor your daily consumption, find out your E-BOX or know how to change your plan. Just say: "Alexa, open Enel Energia!"

Go to the Amazon Skill Store or the Alexa App and scroll to the main menu, click on "Skills and games" to download the Enel Energia Skill and log in to the Customer Area. Discover a new way to communicate your energy!

How to activate the SUPER Plan of the ENEL ONE offer

Joining ENEL ONE is simple and immediate:

  • go to the website, to the page dedicated to offer;
  • choose the SUPER plan and click on the CHECK AND JOIN button, a window will open to verify that your meter is 2G;
  • enter the POD CODE;
  • if successful, you can continue with the offer activation wizard.

You can join ENEL ONE if you come from another supplier, if you want to activate a deactivated meter (takeover) or make the supply of another person in your name (transfer).

The advantages of ENEL ONE are not over!

If you switch to Enel Energia from another supplier, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to € 60 ** on your bill. The € 60 bonus, including VAT, will be divided into tranches of €5 per month for 12 months and will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply. What are you waiting for?


* The above price for the SUPER plan is valid for the first 12 months starting from the date of activation of the supply. In the case of supplies for non-resident domestic use, the payment of a monthly fee of 13 euros per month (VAT and taxes included) will be required. In the event of a contractual power exceeding 3 kW, a monthly fee of 3 euros per month (VAT and taxes included) will be required for each additional kW. If the contractual power exceeds 3 kW only for a fraction (eg 0.5 kW) this amount will be re-proportioned.

** The € 60 bonus, including VAT, will be divided into installments of €5 per month for 12 months and will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply. In the event of withdrawal, termination of supply or product change (re-negotiation), the Customer will be entitled to the portion of the bonus accrued up to that moment.

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A fixed monthly cost, also including VAT and taxes, based on the plan chosen and five plans to choose from based on different consumption habits.