The world of electric bicycles


New arrivals

The Enel Energia
e-bike range now includes
Piaggio top series WI-bike

Here is our new Piaggio electric bicycle: or should we say yours?


Innovation and technology for smart cyclists
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Innovation with pedals
  • All the safety you need
  • You choose the level of service

With Enel Energia,
the bike pedals with you.

What's the smartest invention since the wheel? Two electric wheels. Discover all the benefits of the new concept of mobility on two wheels


Thinking about a bicycle? Pedal without effort, with assisted pedalling. Now you can avoid great efforts, yet travel great distances


250 km with one euro, and no vehicle tax to pay. Need any other reasons to choose the cheapest two wheels in town?


Faster than a car in traffic and cheaper than public transport. With an electric bike there's no more searching for parking spaces or waiting for buses.


With an electric bike you can enter the city centre, pass through restricted zones and go around even during traffic bans, with a range of up to 140 km.

Convenience with Enel Energia

Four models, all with a removable lithium battery. Thus the bike is lighter, you can charge it wherever you want and the battery lasts longer.

Ask for one

Your electric bike is waiting for you in a Punto Enel of your choice or, if you prefer, buy it directly from our online store. Start pedalling!