Advantages of e-go

Do it all from the app or web

You do not need any card to go to Enel point or to purchase the subscription.

There is no activation fees, no monthly fee

Pay, charged to your credit card, only when using the charging service

Costs of charging time

Pay only 2.5 cents per minute * (VAT and taxes included). The rate is valid for public stations of Enel, in Italy.
*This refers exclusively to top-up service

Until 31/07/2017, Enel Energia gives you the refills!


Always on track

At any time you can stop the charge from your smartphone and leave!

Now control how much you spend

At the end of the session receive the details and cost of the service via email.

Enelmia benefits

If you have not registered for Enelmia, you receive a code that allows you to access benefits and discounts of Enelmia world. Find out more on the relevant page.
The card is valid for 30 days from service activation date and is automatically renewed for 30 days at each refill.

For the operation of the service you need a connection to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile phone, subject to the charges levied by your operator


Explore the map and find the nearest free column

Each column has two types of outlets; find the free one in your vicinity!

Control Panel and FAQs

Control Panel

You can manage your personal data and the method of payment. You can also find a list of refills and payments.