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Enel offers Public Administrations integrated energy services that include:
  • the management, operation and maintenance of winter heating and summer air-conditioning systems
  • commodity supply (fuel and electric power)
  • system energy requalification interventions
The offer also includes other technical proposals included in the Project Financing formula.
Integrated energy services: savings and energy requalification


"Ad hoc" for PA
Enel provides specific solutions for Public Administrations that, beyond commodity supply, may include various types of technological requalification: from building envelopes to heating and cooling plants, from fluid distribution inventions to the installation of remote control systems and cogeneration systems.
Greater efficiency through technological requalifications
Enel's technological requalification interventions involve the use of high quality, latest generation equipment that allow for an improvement in the tangible energy balance in all public buildings.
Project Financing: a model for requalification interventions without financial charges
The service offered by Enel envisages the use of the Project Financing model - regulated by Legislative Decree n. 163/2006.
The main benefits are:
  • the possibility to create an initiative of great interest to the community, limiting the impact on the public budget without having to assume construction, financial and market risks
  • the opportunity to pursue higher design quality, reduced construction times and more efficient management
A dedicated team of Enel consultants for PA
Integrated energy services: savings and energy requalification


Integrated energy services: savings and energy requalification

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