Enel Drive: Electric Cars Recharge Deals

Electric cars: check out all their advantages before you drive one.

Lower consumptions

An electric car means lower consumptions than with conventional fuels.

Five-year vehicle tax

And that's just for starters: from the sixth year onwards you get a 75% reduction.

Insurance discounts

20% less with some insurance companies.

Cheaper maintenance.

Routine maintenance of an electric car costs much less than that of a conventional car.

Free access to blue parking lines and limited traffic zones

Park on blue lines whenever you want and enter limited traffic zones without restrictions in many Italian cities.

The environment thanks you.

With an electric engine, you reduce noise pollution and eliminate local CO2 emissions when driving.

Learn more about electric cars

Enel E-mobility is also on two wheels.

Electric bicycles:
Two wheels,
several good reasons
for choosing them

With Enel Energia, the bike pedals with you.

What's the smartest invention since the wheel? Two electric wheels. Discover all the benefits of the new concept of mobility on two wheels.