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Scegli Oggi Gas

Enel Energia's Black Friday is back! With Scegli Oggi Gas you have a 30% discount on the list price of the gas raw material component, blocked for the first 24 months! In addition, only until 29 November one year of subscription to Amazon Prime also for you who are already a Prime customer!

Black Friday!

List price of the gas raw material component equal to 90 cents €/Smc and discounted by 30% equal to 63 cents €/Smc (excluding VAT and taxes). You will also have to pay the marketing and sales fee (CCV Gas) which for the first 24 months of supply will be € 108/PDR (excluding VAT and taxes) to be paid on a monthly basis.

Gas for home

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The security and tranquility of Enel Energia's gas offers, designed for your home. Choose the best solution for you, choose gas from Enel Energia!