Have you received any suspicious communications?

Phishing and other scams: how to recognize them and protect yourself


Digital transformation is a great opportunity that nevertheless requires new attention. In fact, scam attempts are increasingly frequent and widespread, mainly carried out on the internet network conveyed by e-mail messages or SMS, sent with the aim of soliciting payments in a fraudulent manner and/or collecting personal and sensitive data.

The Enel Group undertakes every day to implement actions aimed at combating phishing phenomena, scams and misleading communications which replicate in content and appearance those regularly sent to our customers. Although communications generally contain obvious errors of form and/or text, we invite our customers to pay the utmost attention and to visit the section on how to protect yourself for provisions and advice useful for protecting themselves.

Phishing, Smishing and Vishing: 3 types of fraudulent activity to watch out for. Find out how to identify and protect yourself  

What is Phishing

The most widespread scam to date is called "phishing" and consists in sending an e-mail with a similar appearance to those normally sent by Enel Energia.

It may contain a link which after being clicked requires the entry of passwords, codes and/or personal data, or a file that once downloaded automatically retrieves these and other confidential or confidential information.

What is Smishing

The "Smishing" is an attempt to scam via SMS, which consists in sending a message with an often urgent tone that requires the recipient to perform a certain action.


Usually, in the text of the SMS, the customer is invited to contact a pay phone number or to open a link for immediate access to a website.


It is recommended to pay attention to any links in the communications received that refer to unofficial websites and not to call telephone numbers, indicated in the text of the SMS, other than the toll-free number of Enel Energia customer service 800.900.860.

What is Vishing

Vishing is an attempted telephone scam. The call can come from an unknown or foreign number, using an automated voice system or through a telephone operator who makes voice calls to telephone users. The purpose of the call is the same as for email phishing or SMS smishing: the voice call creates a sense of urgency that causes the recipient to provide confidential information.

Are you unsure about a communication you received?

You can call the Enel Energia service on the toll-free number 800.900.860 and check the reliability of the sender and the contents of the communication.

Digital services

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To avoid running into scams or data theft, remember that Enel Energia provides you with a series of digital and official tools to manage your supplies safely. With the Enel App you can manage your power and gas contract from your smartphone or tablet in complete safety. Download it now!

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